Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Making of an RFID safe Wallet Insert for Men

Fred wanted an insert for his wallet. He brought me a business envelope that fit exactly into the back of his billfold. The kind with a little window.  
Men's Billfold Insert Image #1
  First, I fit a piece of aluminum foil into the envelope and sealed it.

Men's Billfold Insert Image #2
 Next I cut a piece of cotton fabric, and used a straight stitch to attach that to one side of the envelope. Then, I attached  two strips of duct tape to the other side (or duck tape as it is now being called in stores...thanks, "W".... I'm guessing, but I digress), and used a zigzag stitch around the edge. It fits perfectly! 

There are probably as many different wallets around as there are men. Wait. Wait! I take that back. There may well be more types of wallets around than men, but best not get too philosophical right now. ;-) Point is, when using this idea the standard large business envelope may or may not be the right size to use. It doesn't have to be an envelope either. Paper wrapped around foil would do, also.

Oh, and btw, this was a very-mini tutorial on making a wallet insert for a billfold! I know! Blink and you miss it!

RFID Blocker Credit Card Sleeve

RFID blocker credit card Sleeve
For more information regarding RFID scanner concerns, and/or to to purchase click this  etsy store link .

Prototype - (unavailable)

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Elegant Women's Clutch

Interior View
For more information about this clutch and how to bid on, and possibly win this elegant women's clutch, see the listing details in my Listia account. Listia is a website that works like a combination of Freecycle and Ebay. Bidding works similar to ebay, and the items sell to the highest bidder. By establishing an account you get a certain amount of free points to get you started. Selling your own items is how you earn more points to use in bidding on things you would like to purchase. I do so feel an addiction coming on! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What is That Thing?

Hanging Vase Holder

I made a few afghans when I was a teenager. That's quite awhile ago. I  remember never being able to get them started, but as soon as the first few loop de doops were made I was on my way.  Recently I got a hankering to relearn how to do some basic crocheting so....bought the book at Amazon, and the hooks from an Etsy store, and the bookmark came from an Etsy store, and the cheater reading glasses at Dollar Tree. Yarn - was an old T-shirt nightie that was becoming holy. I did not really set out to make this particular thing. At first I thought... Oh, maybe this is going to be a hat. Then it became obvious that it wasn't turning into a hat. Then I thought maybe it's going to be something for a guy (don't ask!). Then I realized that I could fit a glass vase into it, and so now it is becoming a hanging vase holder. Although, I may very well take it apart and turn it into something else. Never can tell!

Sunday, April 3, 2011