Friday, February 27, 2009

Good day at Walmart!

Bought the heart print at Walmart for a very good price! It's 12 yards altogether, and I'll make table napkins with some of it. It is happy looking fabric! I glued decorative card stock to these two box tops and it adds something, imo. Now, it is time to get some floors cleaned around here!

"Rhapsody in Red!"

Rhapsody in Red! That's how I decided to name this wallhanging! Hope it finds a good home soon. Click on the enclosed etsy link for more information.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This afternoon I sowed corn and sugar peas seeds in starter pots. Yippee!

Whidden Road farm

For the time being I live and have my being on a 5 acre farm on Whidden Road east of town. Having grown up on a working farm as well as having spent most of my adult life on a farm or in a rural setting, I feel very comfortable here in this little spot of paradise in Florida. There are 4 adult Pygmy goats, one of which had a set of twins two weeks ago. I was granted the honor of naming them. The girl is Heather and the boy is named Roger. Since the mother had not yet been named I gave her the name of Nellie. I have 4 chickens and a rooster here. Two of the chickens are brown and two are white. One of the chickens has commenced laying an egg , after a winter hiatus. The rooster is a very colorful creature. Yesterday he escaped from the pasture into the main yard. Jimmy, the dog gave chase, until the rooster in desperation finally took flight across the pond. Alas, he had miscalculated his flying abilities and landed in the water a few feet off shore. I now know that roosters CAN swim, having personally witnessed this feat firsthand! Then there are also the 3 indoor/outdoor cats. The senior of the lot is white, stone deaf, and blind in one eye. He likes to nap all day on the barn roof. The other two are an orange tabby, and a totally black cat. The fun they can have with a simple brown paper grocery bag is amazing! Yesterday I spent more time in my garden, weeding and maintenance. I transplanted 24 strawberry plants into a rectangular bed. They look happy! Over the weekend I spent time in the sewing room taking a number of projects to another level, so that they would be easy to pick up at any time this week and move right along. I've had a number of sales on eclecticarmadillo. Getting a better sense of what to list for future sales. Very soon I will have a half a dozen Cathedral Window wallhangings ready to list on sarahsquiltsncrafts. Time to go make a pot of lentil and carrot stew for lunch! Enjoy the day! Sarah

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dresden Plate Wallhanging

Take a minute to view this Dresden Plate wallhanging. This morning I got into my much neglected garden for some TLC time. Did some weeding, and planted 9 Georgia collards plants and 4 red cherry tomato plants. I noticed that the wicked hot, hot pepper plants did not die with those several cold night we had. There are little green leaves growing at the bottom of the stalks. Looks like neither summer's heat or winter's cold will kill them. I saved two plants...not exactly sure why because the peppers are too hot to eat...not even Fred can and he eats hot stuff. I prepped a bunch of fat quarters for washing, and now I want to get on with making a pattern for a card case...going to use some used fabric for the prototype. I'm a little excited about this, actually! Stay tuned for results!

Cathedral Windows tablerunner kit

Here's a pic of the Cathedral Window tablerunner kit that is now available on These are fun to make and addictive, I might add!

4 Cathedral Windows wallhangings

Finished up four Cathedral Window wallhangings yesterday and listed this one on It looks a little crooked ...just need to take a better pic. Also made up my first CW tablerunner kit and listed it on Spent way too much time I need to be more structured. We're supposed to get rain, and that is truly welcome as it has been sooo dry this winter. Enjoy the day! Sarah

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where does time go?

Funny how a day goes by and you didn't accomplish as much as you meant to because some things take longer than you thought, or you become distracted by more interesting things. I did finish up two Cathedral Window wallhangings, listed 2 on my etsy shop, and also made up and listed my first Cathedral Window tablerunner kit. And made a pot of chicken corn noodle soup for dinner.

A Second Chance!

OK! Two years later I'm back for another go at this blogging thing with a better grasp of this www thing. Take a look at to see what I've been up to in the last few years. Also see Have a wonder-full day! Sarah (brb)