Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Fabrication about Mother Nature and the Gulf Oil Crisis

Disclaimer: The following information was not channeled and is not to be taken seriously, by any means. It is merely another point of view that presented itself.

"When Mother Nature opened up her reserves of Black Gold, she never intended for one company alone to profit from all that wealth. (Who determined  the rightful ownership of the oil, anyway? It's like declaring Air, Inc. owns the air rights, and now you have to pay for breathing it, or else!) She meant it for the Commonwealth of All People. Ahem! That did not seem to be happening. Oh, well! On to Plan B, then. Mother Nature created a crisis. Yes, she deliberately created that explosion. What? You think she can't pull off shit like that! Look at her hurricane and tornadoes! Like the woman who told her children..." I brought you into this world, and I can take you out,  anytime." get the picture! Bam! All of a sudden, BP had a huge increase in payroll accounts. Yes, now she has newly employed many people in bookkeeping, the cleanup and research department, etc., etc. Not to mention all the people who lost their jobs, and are now on BP's "welfare plan". And, it seems to me  the extent of the amount of people whose livelihood is being adversely affected has not yet been realized. Looking at the devastation to our environment and the wildlife, spreading the wealth in this way wouldn't have been my choice. However, it may actually be happening. Mother Nature never singled out some elite individuals to hog her gifts, and perks thereof. Her gifts are free to all alike."

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Three Bears in Pink and Spanish Moss

And heeeeere is the trilogy in a pink Sarong Scroll fabric by Waverly! Perfect for adult and children, or small adults. This is very much a OOAK  ( "one of a kind") set. Interested in more information about this set of meditation cushions, and others? See   Meditation Cushions Section . Coming soon... buckwheat hulls listing in 3 lbs for the small adult or youth , 4 lbs for the average individual, 5 lb weight for tall or larger adult. The natural fillings ( kapok, bamboo, and especially buckwheat hulls because they adapt and conform to your tush) really do have a much nicer feel to them than synthetic fiberfill. Quite recently, I discovered that huge amounts of Spanish moss, which is  so abundant here, was sold and shipped north by  railroad cars years ago. After harvesting it was cured, the exterior fell off and the interior  turned a darker color. It was used for stuffing mattresses (I would love to know what that feels like in a mattress!) and padding furniture. Now, I finally know what the identity of that black padding was  which we thought was meadow grass "back in the days" of my involvement in the furniture reupholstery business! Less expensive imports from South America ultimately lead to the demise of the the Spanish Moss business in our south. And there, my friends, you have a little bit of a history lesson!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tribal Infusion

The David Dee Tribal Inspired print of this soft fabric is very gracious and  feminine-makes me feel centered just looking at it. Today, I plan to sew three matching, pink, scrolly fabric meditation cushion covers. They are like the three bears in size-regular size,  medium size, then last and least- a wee one. Just thinking about sewing them makes me feel happy!  Better get my walking gear AND my butt in gear for my morning walk-before the heat becomes oppressive. I have a sneaky suspicion that parts of this house need  TLC in the form of cleaning...

Friday, June 4, 2010

June is Birthday month for

Today is the first Friday of the month which means it's "First Friday Art walk on etsy" today! Incredibly enough, a year has already gone by since the first Friday Friday Art Walk on etsy began last June. If you love office chair shopping then etsy is definitely one heckuvan interesting place to spend time looking for unique, unusual, OOAK, artsy fartsy handmade items for yourself, friends or family members. Speaking of which, Father's Day is coming up real fast! Anyhoo, my own special for today is my entire zen cushion cover section is "buy two and get free shipping" (refunded via Paypal). This special price is for the continental USA only. And Etsy is celebrating their 5th year this June.  I think I heard birthday party but you may wish to check out etsy's blog page The Storque, for the details. May the blessings be, wherever  you are!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mandala Zen Meditation Cushion

My second Mandala Zen Meditation Cushion cover....Ohhh! I'm lovin' every minute of making these!
Now I'm off to make the more traditional cushions using cotton twill fabric in black and espresso!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

That was so Zen! This is so Tao!

My latest venture is into making Mandala Zen Meditation Cushion Covers-must admit....I love it!
This one is listed for sale in Another one has beens cut and is ready to sew. Going to have a rather busy week-house/dog sitting for a neighbor for 7 nights. Fred's home to maintain the homefront. Surprisingly, my cats exhibited a bit separation anxiety when I house sat over the weekend-hope it will not be a problem for the coming week.