Sunday, October 25, 2009

Women on the Edge of Evolution

At the recent, sold-out Peace Summit in Vancouver, His Holiness the Dalai Lama made a proclamation that stunned the crowd: "The world will be saved by the western woman." Women On The Edge Of Evolution Source: This Fall, join 14 of the world's leading female spiritual luminaries, thinkers and agents of change for an unprecedented conversation. Free TeleSeminar, may be listened to online at anytime, but you need to sign up.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Zafu, Claude Monet, Strawberry Shortcake and Wild Roses

This was not the ordinary shortcake made by simply opening a box of cornbread mix and adding the few ingredients. No. This ordinary mix becomes refined by substituting homemade yogurt with unsweetened crushed pineapples mixed in for the liquid, and adding cinnamon. I make the mix like pancakes...all golden and drizzled with clover honey, they taste like ambrosia, and I feel sooo elegant, in the morning. Not bad, to start a day like that! The strawberry shortcake picture is also the cornbread mix made the way I make it with yogurt, and layered with cream cheese and cool whip mixed, and topped with red ripe strawberries. That was a special treat we had along with the 5th season of Desperate Housewives on DVD from the public Library.
The vintage heart shaped tin box has wild roses on it that remind me of the rambling wild roses that grew on the pasture fence by the creek on the farm where I grew up. And yesterday I got off my beaten path and made bookmarks using the glossy picture pages of an outdated Claude Monet appointment book. That was a fun change of pace! And another zafu was created without a single snafu! Now it time for me to move on the other necessary projects and duties.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Definitely not twins!

Just finished these two pillows today. They are about as different as can be! The round grey zafu is usually used for sitting meditation. The one pictured is stuffed with lots and lots and lots of plastic grocery bags. It could also be filled with bamboo, cotton, buckwheat hulls, or kapok fiberfill. Plastic bags are, ahem, very inexpensive, and even eco friendly, in a way.
The vintage embroidered basket pillow fabric came from a treasure hunt. I washed it in 20 Mule Team borax soap and Oxyclean. (That mule kick is pretty impressive!) I'm pleased with the improvement. The fringe is also vintage and I used a vintage metal zipper hidden on the back. The fiberfill is a polyester form. My mother had things made with that basket pattern. Even Fred says the pattern looks familiar. When a guy says that then I guess it was pretty popular back in the day! It's part embroidery and part candlewicking.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Calamondin Marmalade, Decisions and Hootenannys

Tomorrow, the Old Miakka Schoolhouse will be hosting it's annual fundraiser Hootenanny to help with the maintenance of this historic one-room schoolhouse. So, that is where the Calamondin Marmalade, all dressed up in festive little skirts, is headed. BTW, Calamondin is a tiny, very acidic, orange citrus fruit that yields once a year rather than twice a year like the other citrus trees. The marmalade is made with calamondin, water, sugar, and pectin made from processing the seeds. Sometimes, I add a cinnamon stick to the marmalade. There will be live music performed by local bands, arts and crafts booths, and the Committee is serving their pulled pork , baked beans and cole slaw and beverage lunch for $7. This hutch in the kitchen is a room brightener, and a dust catcher, but not to dwell on that. Dusting is not a favorite thing to do-never has been. I think the framed sun on the upper left may be upside down since the last dusting...will try it the other way in a few months. :-) Gotta go! Still have to tag and pack all the stuff ( wallhangings, coin purses, potholders, bags, napkins, etc) I'm taking to the Hootenanny tomorrow. Am debating if I want to take my red chair-we have actually grown quite fond of it, although I bought it to reupholster and sell. Decisions, decisions!