Saturday, October 3, 2009

Calamondin Marmalade, Decisions and Hootenannys

Tomorrow, the Old Miakka Schoolhouse will be hosting it's annual fundraiser Hootenanny to help with the maintenance of this historic one-room schoolhouse. So, that is where the Calamondin Marmalade, all dressed up in festive little skirts, is headed. BTW, Calamondin is a tiny, very acidic, orange citrus fruit that yields once a year rather than twice a year like the other citrus trees. The marmalade is made with calamondin, water, sugar, and pectin made from processing the seeds. Sometimes, I add a cinnamon stick to the marmalade. There will be live music performed by local bands, arts and crafts booths, and the Committee is serving their pulled pork , baked beans and cole slaw and beverage lunch for $7. This hutch in the kitchen is a room brightener, and a dust catcher, but not to dwell on that. Dusting is not a favorite thing to do-never has been. I think the framed sun on the upper left may be upside down since the last dusting...will try it the other way in a few months. :-) Gotta go! Still have to tag and pack all the stuff ( wallhangings, coin purses, potholders, bags, napkins, etc) I'm taking to the Hootenanny tomorrow. Am debating if I want to take my red chair-we have actually grown quite fond of it, although I bought it to reupholster and sell. Decisions, decisions!


Valerie said...

Those jelly jars look so pretty with the fabric squares. Nice hutch too. I agree about the dusting of them - a yuk job.

Doris Sturm said...

Yes, I agree, those colorful pieces of cloth make the jars look so inviting and bright - I'd be curious to see one of those fruits - maybe I know them by another name? I love oranges and I have seen the tiny oranges where you eat them whole, with the peel and all, but I forgot what they were called. That was in California when I saw them.

Have fun at the fair!

Doris Sturm said...

OK, I figured out the tiny orange I was thinking of. It's called a it anything like that?

I wonder where I could find that fruit you're talking about...I'm always searching for new fruits and veggies to try :-)

Well, enjoy your day!

Sarah said...

Doris, wondering if your climate would be supportive of growing calamondin. If you want to try it I'd be happy to send you seeds, and even fruit, when the fruit is ripe which is next January/February, I think. There is a tree along our road, and it has green fruit already. Meantime, would you like to try a pint? as a gift? My regular email is earthnsky8d(at)yahoo(dot)com.