Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gwen Castal Trio of Vintage Paintings

This is a very sweet and adorable trio of original paintings
by unknown and unrecognized artist Gwen Castal.
Elwood, Indiana - December 1974

Size: Small are 3.25" in dia. and the Large is  5" in dia.
Ready to hang in that little nook, powder room or cabin!
Original Artwork, 1974
Signed and Dated by Gwen Castal
SOLD at auction on

Breathe and Radiate! Light up your life!

(via facebook)
‎"When you breathe, you tend to radiate. It’s taken years of the breathing, of getting you into it – some of you have really resisted it – but when you breathe, you start to radiate. You start to light up, and that’s the reason most of you stopped breathing, because initially, yes, it’s intense. Initially, it hurts. Initially, it brings up your crap, your makyo. It puts the makyo right in your face, so you say, “Oh, this breathing stuff is so stupid. I’m going to go find a lot of books and workshops and complex things and pretend that, you know, there’s puzzle parts that I have to put together. I’m not going to do this stupid breathing. That’s so easy. How could it be effective? I’m going to go out and suffer. I’m going to pay big bucks for enlightenment. I’m going to find a guru. Hell, I’m going to find an alien guru and pay big bucks to learn.” So people stop breathing, because it hurts to light up.

You’re learning … you’re doing, I should say. You’re experiencing. You take that deep breath and realize it doesn’t have to be difficult. It really doesn’t. And you don’t have to process your way out of wherever you were, wherever you are. You don’t have to process your way out. Amazing. Brilliant." (feckin' brilliant)
The [NEXT] Series
SHOUD 11: "Spiral Experience"
June 4, 2011
You don't need one to breathe...or do you? :-)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Late Quartet Trailer

 Christopher Walken has some very interesting lines in the beginning as he talks about Beethoven's  "A Late Quartet", which the film and story depict, as do many people's lives off screen as well. I loved this film...might see it a second time at the theater, or at home with Netflix.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Branching out into Shiny Zafus! Yay!

Just added these three Zafus to my etsy repertoire!

Shiny Avocado Green Print In a Home Decor Fabric!
Another Mandala Zafu - (again with the Shiny Fabric!)
Pastel Watercolor Print in a Home Decor Canvas Fabric

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mindfulness Meditation in Sarasota

"Mindfulness means paying attention 
in a particular way:
on purpose,
in the present moment,
and non-judgmentally."
~Jon Kabat-Zinn
Yesterday I had a bit of a frazzling experience while receiving massage from a friend. Halfway through the session as a result of some of the things we were chatting about she started loudly "addressing" some personal gripes she had with some things I do. I had on other occasions corrected her misperceptions of those subjects, and it became very apparent that she is still clinging to her initial interpretation. She excused what she was (un)consciously doing by saying she wasn't "awake yet" so she wouldn't experience the immediate ramifications of what she was doing. She lost track of what she was doing massage-wise, and consequently my front upper body received 3 vigorous massages in a two hour period. I allowed this to continue for that length of time to (hopefully) enable her to get it out of her system, but then it was time for me to go home and get ready for my first visit to Sarasota Mindfulness Institute for their 6:00 - 7:15 Group Meditation. I received great benefit from being in this quiet, supportive atmosphere and environment. I will have to address the situation with my friend one way or another next time we get together, but I want to do this in a mindful, diplomatic way. One of the women in the meditation group said that in a previous meditation someone had said that they realized that "not all their thoughts were true". So true! Another quote I have seen that i love is "You don't have to believe everything you think."
Cotton Linen Buckwheat filled Zafu

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

No Ordinary Life, This.

It's not for everyone, but I love Osho and his teachings speak to me...such as the following two.
"To be alone is really the greatest miracle. That means now you don't belong to any church, you don't belong to any organization, you don't belong to any theology, you don't belong to any ideology - socialist, communist, fascist, hindu, christian, jain, buddhist - you don't belong, you simply are. And you have learnt how to love your indefinable, ineffable reality. You have come to know how to be with yourself.

Your needs for the other have disappeared. You don't have any loopholes, you don't have any holes, you are not missing anything, you don't have any flaws - you are simply happy by being yourself. You don't need anything, your bliss is unconditional. Yes, it is the greatest miracle in the world." ~osho
"Everyone is blessed by the divine. A few know it; many more remain oblivious of the fact, hence there is so much misery. Misery is fictitious, it is not real. It is only there because we have not known our blessedness. It is the absence of our knowing that we are already blessed that makes us miserable, and then we try to find bliss, joy. But you cannot find it because it is already there. The very effort to find it is utterly absurd; it is bound to fail.

One has simply to relax, be still and know that one is blessed. It is not a question of achieving. The moment you know your blessedness, all misery evaporates, as if it has never existed at all.

My effort here is to make you aware of what you are; it is not a question of achieving anything. You are holy, you are divine, you are blessed; it is just that you are fast asleep. You have to be awakened so that you can know your own treasure - the kingdom of God within."  osho

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Greatest Scam (almost) on Earth

This entire year I have been giving some time to thinking about money, and "what is money?" Here is one retired banker's version of what is going on with money. It's one aspect of money, and I'm very sure this affects all of us. Banking itself isn't evil...fractional reserve banking is a problem. We really need to put a spotlight on the Federal Reserve. They are a privately owned corporation and not a part of government per se. Except they literally have government by the b--lls. Personally, I like to think that money is a tool for me to use in my daily life to take responsibility for myself, and to be a helpful person to others.

Banking - the Greatest Scam on Earth:

Friday, December 21, 2012


I scored a free ticket through one of my Meetups groups to see this movie tomorrow...

"You've never seen images like this before: it deserves to be seen and felt on the big screen." - Robert Redford
For more information see:
- The Chasing Ice Ticketing Team

Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 21, 2012...Entering the Golden Age, Finally!

Imagine you are standing in a windowless room, and it is dark. You feel fear. You realize you always have, but for some inexplicable reason you now know it is fear. Now, you also see that there is a window with a sortof covering on it. Enough light is coming in for you to see there is an overhead light with a pull string. Over your head, in fact. Is it now time for you to pull the light string, or are you still going to continue to wait for a "messiah figure" to come and do it for you?

 2012 Crossing Over: into the Golden Age documentary...

We have found the Messiah, and it is in us'n! Every minute of every day we choose to live by fear or Love. Which will it be?

Monday, December 17, 2012

Arthur Schopenhauer quote

~Arthur Schopenhauer
"To the man who studies to gain a thorough insight into science, books and study are merely the steps of the ladder by which he climbs to the summit; as soon as a step has been advanced he leaves it behind.  The majority of mankind, however, who study to fill their memory with facts do not use the steps of the ladder to mount upward, but take them off and lay them on their shoulders in order that they may take them along, delighting in the weight of the burden they are carrying.  They ever remain below because they carry what should carry them."

"For years, I was so convinced that education and higher education were "the answer".  In retrospect, I don't know the answer to what specifically - human suffering maybe, or the innate desire for unconditional Love. Formal education is OK for this human life. But, it won't get you into "Heaven". Forgiveness is the key to Love. Love is the key to Heaven. Not forgiveness of specific things that have happened in time and space...but the "big Forgiveness of the alledged Separation from God". That one.  We collectively made a miss-Take. We individually correct that miss-take by remembering that we are but dreaming of separation from God. Simple...but not an easy practice. Why? Because we are so steeped in the "reality" of our own ideas of our self/ves and others. Question everything."

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Connecting Threads, Freebies and Zafus

In the last few weeks I cut a lot of zafu covers, and am in the process of sewing some every day. As sewing goes it's pretty simple. I am using a lot of thread though, and it was time to buy more. My source usually is Connecting Threads online, and as luck would have it they are having a sale on the kind of thread I use. Usually, I buy the cones but since the smaller spools were on sale I pulled out my calculator and did the math. This time it paid me to buy the smaller spools x 3, which added up to over the $50.00 total for free shipping. Hopefully, my thread supply will hold out till the new shipment arrives during this busy Christmas season mail. I signed up for their weekly email, checked out their blog and saw a post about a making a clutch - something I have yearned to do but never realized there might be kits out there to help me get over the "it's too complicated" hump. And last but not least, I would definitely recommend that you take good look at their freebies section. And, tell your sewing friends!

Without further ado, here are pix of a few zafus that came into existence recently. Oh, shoot! The photos I was planning to use are stored on my laptop. My laptop and my computer aren't on speaking terms yet. Until I remedy that or sign out here and get online via the laptop here is the etsy store link for all my zafus. My favorite is the Cinnamon and Sage Mandala Zafu (made using pie-shaped wedges cut from reclaimed dust ruffles). I also love the Floral Cotton/Linen Zafu (vintage fabric), and the Mustard Yellow zafu (made from a Ralph Lauren duvet). A popular seller has also been Pillow Ticking Zafu, so I felt happy when I lucked out at the thrift store with two large pieces of ticking fabric! And, here's one for the guys made from a reclaimed army blanket.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Present Day Violence

I grew up in a closed religious group, in a small community. In my twenties I became aware of one thing consistently...the tension that grew in the community from "rubbing shoulders" on a daily basis within that close proximity. The tension grew until one day there was a tragedy...such as a terrible accident of some kind whereby some of "our people" were hurt or died. Then, hearts opened up with compassion, and the community reknitted it's relationships. On the surface everybody became sweet and kind. Everything was all "hunkydory" (meaning everything was not OK) for awhile...and then this whole thing repeated itself. Tension building and exploding through one person or an event, and then the coming together again. I used to think this happened only in our little community...until my parameters for seeing better in another radius widened I began to see it happening in the bigger communities as well. Towns and cities are communities. Nations are communities. The planet is a community. The galaxy is a community. Peace begins in the hearts of each one of us. As long as there even one individual left that has not found inner peace then someone is "left behind". It looks like Peace on Earth is quite a distance off yet. The world can't end yet...we haven't finished the Work of Healing yet here. We can't "graduate in the grand scheme of things" until we do heal our World - the outer world reflects the inner world.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Inner Scavenger did it Again!

Once again my inner scavenger lucked out! On Monday I found a lovely 88" x 100" quilt on a neighbor's trash. I also found 3 ceramic soup bowls, and a copper bottom saucepan. The pot is the in-between, Goldilocks size I was wanting. It doesn't have the lid but I'm sure i can find a replacement lid at World's Attic Thrift Store. But, back to the quilt...I washed & dried it right away. Took some time to visualize what it might become. hit me. I had not yet combined two of my loves....quilts and zafu meditation cushions. Not anymore! I was able to cut 11 zafu cushion covers from that one quilt.
Shabby Chic Zafu Meditation Cushion - from a Repurposed Found Quilt