Wednesday, December 26, 2012

No Ordinary Life, This.

It's not for everyone, but I love Osho and his teachings speak to me...such as the following two.
"To be alone is really the greatest miracle. That means now you don't belong to any church, you don't belong to any organization, you don't belong to any theology, you don't belong to any ideology - socialist, communist, fascist, hindu, christian, jain, buddhist - you don't belong, you simply are. And you have learnt how to love your indefinable, ineffable reality. You have come to know how to be with yourself.

Your needs for the other have disappeared. You don't have any loopholes, you don't have any holes, you are not missing anything, you don't have any flaws - you are simply happy by being yourself. You don't need anything, your bliss is unconditional. Yes, it is the greatest miracle in the world." ~osho
"Everyone is blessed by the divine. A few know it; many more remain oblivious of the fact, hence there is so much misery. Misery is fictitious, it is not real. It is only there because we have not known our blessedness. It is the absence of our knowing that we are already blessed that makes us miserable, and then we try to find bliss, joy. But you cannot find it because it is already there. The very effort to find it is utterly absurd; it is bound to fail.

One has simply to relax, be still and know that one is blessed. It is not a question of achieving. The moment you know your blessedness, all misery evaporates, as if it has never existed at all.

My effort here is to make you aware of what you are; it is not a question of achieving anything. You are holy, you are divine, you are blessed; it is just that you are fast asleep. You have to be awakened so that you can know your own treasure - the kingdom of God within."  osho

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