Saturday, December 15, 2012

Present Day Violence

I grew up in a closed religious group, in a small community. In my twenties I became aware of one thing consistently...the tension that grew in the community from "rubbing shoulders" on a daily basis within that close proximity. The tension grew until one day there was a tragedy...such as a terrible accident of some kind whereby some of "our people" were hurt or died. Then, hearts opened up with compassion, and the community reknitted it's relationships. On the surface everybody became sweet and kind. Everything was all "hunkydory" (meaning everything was not OK) for awhile...and then this whole thing repeated itself. Tension building and exploding through one person or an event, and then the coming together again. I used to think this happened only in our little community...until my parameters for seeing better in another radius widened I began to see it happening in the bigger communities as well. Towns and cities are communities. Nations are communities. The planet is a community. The galaxy is a community. Peace begins in the hearts of each one of us. As long as there even one individual left that has not found inner peace then someone is "left behind". It looks like Peace on Earth is quite a distance off yet. The world can't end yet...we haven't finished the Work of Healing yet here. We can't "graduate in the grand scheme of things" until we do heal our World - the outer world reflects the inner world.

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