Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Inner Scavenger did it Again!

Once again my inner scavenger lucked out! On Monday I found a lovely 88" x 100" quilt on a neighbor's trash. I also found 3 ceramic soup bowls, and a copper bottom saucepan. The pot is the in-between, Goldilocks size I was wanting. It doesn't have the lid but I'm sure i can find a replacement lid at World's Attic Thrift Store. But, back to the quilt...I washed & dried it right away. Took some time to visualize what it might become. hit me. I had not yet combined two of my loves....quilts and zafu meditation cushions. Not anymore! I was able to cut 11 zafu cushion covers from that one quilt.
Shabby Chic Zafu Meditation Cushion - from a Repurposed Found Quilt


Debi at One Heart said...

This is a great find! I love the pattern and colors. Perfect!

Valerie said...

Why would someone throw out a perfectly wonderful quilt?? You made good use of it.