Monday, December 17, 2012

Arthur Schopenhauer quote

~Arthur Schopenhauer
"To the man who studies to gain a thorough insight into science, books and study are merely the steps of the ladder by which he climbs to the summit; as soon as a step has been advanced he leaves it behind.  The majority of mankind, however, who study to fill their memory with facts do not use the steps of the ladder to mount upward, but take them off and lay them on their shoulders in order that they may take them along, delighting in the weight of the burden they are carrying.  They ever remain below because they carry what should carry them."

"For years, I was so convinced that education and higher education were "the answer".  In retrospect, I don't know the answer to what specifically - human suffering maybe, or the innate desire for unconditional Love. Formal education is OK for this human life. But, it won't get you into "Heaven". Forgiveness is the key to Love. Love is the key to Heaven. Not forgiveness of specific things that have happened in time and space...but the "big Forgiveness of the alledged Separation from God". That one.  We collectively made a miss-Take. We individually correct that miss-take by remembering that we are but dreaming of separation from God. Simple...but not an easy practice. Why? Because we are so steeped in the "reality" of our own ideas of our self/ves and others. Question everything."

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