Wednesday, April 30, 2014

the unchanging Seer...

You have to go beyond this identification with the body and with the person,
 otherwise, it is going to kill you. By this I mean, 
it will suffocate your spontaneity and clog up your pure intelligence.
Who, among us, is going to be the one to shake it off? 
And to what extent will you accomplish this?
It has got to be to such an extent that thereafter,
 it won’t matter where you go, only the scenes will change
 but you, the Seer, remain unchanging. 
You will stay untouched—not by effort, not by skill, not by yoga, not by meditation, 
but through perfect understanding of your true position 
confirmed, through grace, inside the Heart.
Grace must be there, 
but for grace to reveal herself,
 the hunger for truth, combined with humility, devotion and openness must come first.
Arrogance cannot be there.
 It can be there in the beginning, but not in the end. 
Arrogance cannot be there for it is the breath and odour of the devil.
It will be swept away by the power and light of Truth.
~ Mooji
April 2014

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Findhorn Foundation | Animal Communicator Celebrates a Great Awakening

 "The idea that humans can talk to the animals and have them talk back to
us is suddenly a breathtaking reality for many thousands of people
worldwide who’ve watched a documentary about the work of an animal

Monday, April 28, 2014


"You don´t understand even the meaning of the word responsibility. 
The society has been so cunning. It has destroyed our most beautiful words, 
 given them distorted meanings. Ordinarily in your dictionaries "responsibility" means duty, 
doing things the way you are expected to do them 
by your parents, by your teachers, by your priests, by your politicians, by somebody else.
Your responsibility is to fulfill the demands made upon you by your elders and your society.
 If you act accordingly, you are a responsible person; if you act on your own ― individually ―
 then you are an irresponsible person. And your fear is: in acting spontaneously, here and now, there is a danger ― you may start acting individually. What will happen to your responsibility?
The fact is that "responsibility", the very word, has to be broken into two words.
It means "response ability". And response is possible only if you are spontaneous, here and now.
Response means that your attention, your awareness, your consciousness, is totally here and now, in the present. So whatever happens, you respond with your whole being. It is not a question of being in tune with somebody else, some holy scripture, or some holy idiot. It simply means to be in tune with the present moment.This ability to respond is responsibility."

living in awareness...

"Although all phenomena are going through the various appearances
 of birth, abiding, changing, and dying, 
the true person doesn’t become a victim of sadness, happiness, love, or hate. 
She lives in awareness as an ordinary person, 
whether standing, walking, lying down, or sitting."
~Thich Nhat Hanh

impersonal Silence is the Ultimate peacekeeper...

"There is a Silence that is totally impersonal.
It is not the fruit of anybody’s work.
Peace is there, but there is no peacekeeper.
This Peace is only known when the noise of the person is not present.
In the absence of the 'person' there are no distractions.
Only the ever-pure Awareness prevails.
The Ultimate is nobody’s achievement at all."
~ Mooji
April 2014

Sunday, April 27, 2014

we are the One we have been looking for...

"One by one, 
we can now walk through the veil - 
while still in the flesh, skin and bones. 
We can realize 
we are the
We are the One
we have been waiting for
yearning and longing for
so many years
lifetimes even.
Relax. Breathe.
The search was already over
before we began looking.
Looking was a miss-take.
Relax. Breathe. Ahhh!"


(c) Sarah Nolt

the breath is the template for natural exchange...


is the conversation between what we love to do and how we love to be. Rest is the essence of giving and receiving. Rest is an act of remembering, imaginatively and intellectually but also physiologically and physically. To rest is to give up on the already exhausted will as the prime motivator of endeavor, with its endless outward need to reward itself through established goals. To rest is to give up on worrying and fretting and the sense that there is something wrong with the world unless we are there to put it right; to rest is to fall back literally or figuratively from outer targets and shift the goal not to an inner static bulls eye, an imagined state of perfect stillness, but to an inner state of natural exchange.

The template of natural exchange is the breath, the autonomic giving and receiving which is the basis and the measure of life itself. We are rested when we are a living exchange between what lies inside and what lies outside, when we are an intriguing conversation between the potential that lies in our imagination and the possibilities for making that internal image real in the world; we are rested when we let things alone and let ourselves alone, to do what we do best, breathe as the body intended us to breathe, to walk as we were meant to walk, to live with the rhythm of a house and a home, giving and taking through cooking and cleaning. When we give and take in this easy foundational way we are closest to the authentic self, and closest to that self when we are most rested. To rest is not self indulgent, to rest is to prepare to give the best of ourselves, and perhaps, most importantly, arrive at a place where we are able to understand what we have already been given.

©2013 David Whyte
 David Whyte (facebook)

Excerpted from REST From the upcoming book of essays CONSOLATIONS: The Solace, Nourishment and Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

am I dreaming as a butterfly or as a man?

I have read and been inspired by the book
 "The Afterlife of Billy Fingers".
(Not a paid advertisement. I just love the book!)


Once upon a time, I, Chuang Chou, dreamt I was a butterfly, fluttering hither and thither, to all intents and purposes a butterfly. I was conscious only of my happiness as a butterfly, unaware that I was Chou. Soon I awaked, and there I was, veritably myself again. Now I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly, dreaming I am a man. Between a man and a butterfly there is necessarily a distinction. The transition is called the transformation of material things. 

no need to push life about...

"When effort is needed, effort will appear.
When effortlessness becomes essential, it will assert itself.
You need not push life about.
Just flow with it 
and give yourself completely 
to the task of the present moment…"
~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

Friday, April 25, 2014

born again every morning...

“Every morning we are born again. 
What we do today is what matters most.”
~ Buddha

"Morning has broken 
like the first morning...."

Thursday, April 24, 2014

coming truly alive...

"At a certain point, one comes to see:
Oh my god I am cherishing so many lies!
But still you continue to hold onto these imaginings 
because you feel you will not be yourself without them, 
whereas in fact, you will not be your Self with them.
Do not think that without the imagined, the real will be dull.
On the contrary, only by fully embracing the Real
does one's existence come truly alive.
Truth, liberation, peace, joy, love and timeless perfection are One."
April 2014

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

coming home to that which we already are...

LightBody Tuning to Higher Frequencies

"All are being tuned to higher frequencies. Realities are not as they once were.
Those moving into existence as a multi-dimensional being of consciousness will notice subtle changes very rapidly when measured against the old ways of "time".
Time expands and contracts, as do you as an energy. Your mind will expand to see that which you could not previously see. The more you embrace it, the "easier" it will appear to be.
As your LightBody continues to form, all things dense continue to come up for release in your outer worlds. Dense is simply anything that holds you back. Anything you identify with that is not out of love. And anything that separates one from another.
For many, they are working to purge material things, attachments, relationships, memories, all energetic cords.... and get ready to bring in the new. They are allowing the heavy things to fall away. This is an exquisite time if one allows it to be.
The physical body is changing in ways that logic cannot comprehend. Your DNA strands are activating further. While many are experiencing unexplainable physical adjustments, what feels & sounds like air "moves through" to "tune" one's energy to dissolve etheric inconsistencies that remain. You are syncing AS an energy, rather than TO an energy as once perceived.
Words will change & become softer. Kindness and compassion continue to move in. For many there will be periods where words are just not applicable and feeling like language is changing is exactly as it seems to be. Many will speak and not hear what they did before. As they are hearing & transmitting in frequency. Soon all will be energetic communication and language barriers continue to fall away. For the language of one is energy. Here spoken words are no longer necessary.
Seeing expands beyond that of the human eyes while hearing transcends the limits of the human ears. For as you become the energy you have forgotten, you are no longer limited to the realms of the physical reality you once knew.
You are coming home to that which you already are. Allow yourself to continue to remember by trusting that which you cannot see."
~ Lisa Brown

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

from knowing to not-knowing...

"The way I see it now, the transformative power of meditation 
has a profound ally in our dreams. They work the same defenses, 
in different but allied ways, battering our defended self 
until we give up and allow greater forces to work through us. 
Instead of knowing, we learn to not-know. Instead of being the hero 
of our own story, we become a servant, a helper, in a greater story."
~Henry Shukman

Monday, April 21, 2014

we are all star stuff...

"There is a fundamental reason why we look at the sky with wonder and longing - for the same reason that we stand, hour after hour, gazing at the distant swell of the open ocean. There is something like an ancient wisdom, encoded and tucked away in our DNA, that knows its point of origin as surely as a salmonid knows its creek. Intellectually, we may not want to return there, but the genes know, and long for their origins - their home in the salty depths. But if the seas are our immediate source, the penultimate source is certainly the heavens… The spectacular truth is - and this is something that your DNA has known all along - the very atoms of your body - the iron, calcium, phosphorus, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and on and on - were initially forged in long-dead stars. This is why, when you stand outside under a moonless, country sky, you feel some ineffable tugging at your innards. We are star stuff. Keep looking up and keep looking within"
~Jerry Waxman

what to bring with and what to leave...

"In our journey through time, we all
 struggle constantly with what to bring along
 and what to leave behind. It feels so hard 
to throw anything away, but if we don’t, we will drown
 underneath a weight of our own making.
The river is a good model. 
It doesn’t own the water that rushes by, yet
 it couldn’t be in a more intimate relationship to it, 
and the force of what moves through shapes it.
 It is the same with everything we love. 
In truth, there is no point to holding on to the deepest things that matter, 
for they have already shaped us.
The purpose of sentiment, is to release 
the powerful feelings that sleep in us.
 Sometimes books and cards and shells and dried flowers do this. 
But often we carry more than we need, 
seldom trusting that what these small treasures represent
 is already living with us. Often the most useful gift we can give ourselves
 is to lay our lives open like a river."
~ Mark Nepo

Sunday, April 20, 2014

climb into God's soup bowl...Mooji has spoken.

"Just admit: My life is not in my hands.
It is in God's hands.
Offer yourself up.
Live on God’s plate.
Climb into God’s soup bowl.
Be willing to be even a single lentil seed in the Lord's minestrone pot.
Like this, become God’s Prasad.
Don’t know how.
Just say 'Yes' and let him take you inside."
~ Mooji
April 2014

Friday, April 18, 2014

be still....Eileen Caddy

Guidance from Eileen Caddy
"Be Still And In That Stillness Let Me Work My Wonders In You And Through You
Simplicity is the very essence of perfection. The simpler you are, the more perfect you are. There is no need to live the complicated life mankind lives today, there is no need to join the rat race. You can be in the world but not of it. You can stand apart and see all that is going on without becoming involved. In this way you can be of far greater help to your fellow man than by becoming involved in the turmoil of the world and so part of it. Be still and in that stillness let Me work My wonders in you and through you. Still your mind by letting it stay on Me. Become more and more aware of Me and My presence and you will find a wonderful stillness descend upon you and peace enfold you. When you are in that state of consciousness things really can begin to happen."
18 April 2014

One of the co-founders of the Findhorn Community, Eileen Caddy, received guidance from the "still, small voice within" and shared it with others in the community for more than 40 years. Today we continue this tradition by printing her guidance in the community's weekly newsletter and by sharing it with the wider world through this mailing list.

We'd love to hear from you. Please email us at to send your comments and feedback.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Coffee Bean Burlap Ottoman
Eiffel Tower Burlap Ottoman

Burlap ottomans...a recently added section in my store...

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Dragonfly and Chevron Zipper Purse

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

return to your Immaculate Self...

"Always at the point of real atomic recognition,
the strongest doubt and loudest noise will come.
Don’t panic.
They are phenomena.
You are the witness of both doubt and noise.
They happen in you, not to you.
You forever remain the immaculate Self."

~ Mooji
April 2014


"Perhaps we all carry an immemorial wound, an infinite loss,
a self-exile we perpetrate on ourselves.
It turns us into isolated entities
stalking the earth in search of what we think we need—
the temporary stays against ennui, despair, loss, and terror.
 But sooner or later, the wound can carry us toward its own remedy,
 if we only let it."
~Henry Shukman

Monday, April 14, 2014

a true friend...

"A true friend is not merely someone you like, 
or who is like you; 
they could be quite unlike you in most respects.
However, though they love you, their first love is for Truth,
not for you or anything else.
Such a friend is rare indeed and rarely appreciated."

~ Mooji

April 2014

Sunday, April 13, 2014

APRIL ENERGIES - FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELT! by Patricia Cota-Robles April 2014

by Patricia Cota-Robles
April 2014
At the beginning of this year we were told by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth that 2014 would be a year like no other. It seems like that was an understatement. Powerful Activities of Light have taken place this year involving the entire Company of Heaven and the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth. These events are literally catapulting Humanity and the Earth forward in the Light. The results of these events have helped reverse the adverse effects of our fall from Grace, including the schism that was created between Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom when we fell into the illusion of separation and duality.

One of the most tragic things that occurred with the “fall” is that we lost awareness of the Divine Intelligence associated with the Elemental Kingdom. In the midst of the chaos that we inadvertently created through ignorance and the misuse of our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions, our fragmented and fear-based human ego came to the erroneous conclusion that the Earth is an inanimate object that Humanity has the right to use and abuse as we choose. Most of the atrocities we have inflicted on this Planet are the result of that distorted belief system. The gross mutations of disease, aging, degeneration, famines, plagues, pestilence, and all of the inclement weather conditions are a reflection of Humanity’s fallen consciousness and the result of our human ego’s lack of awareness of the Elemental Kingdom. Even death, as we know it now, is a human miscreation and not part of God’s original Divine Plan.

For a very long time the Elemental Kingdom has been thought of as a mere fantasy by the masses of Humanity. Periodically there have been groups and cultures that awakened to the reality of the Divine Intelligence within the elements and nature, but that has been rare. Now we are in the midst of the greatest shift of energy, vibration, and consciousness the world has ever known, but it cannot be accomplished without the conscious and deliberate cooperation of Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom.
Throughout history we have heard of people who have completed their learning experiences on Earth which enabled them to attain their Ascension at the end of a particular lifetime. The most well known Ascended Masters are Jesus, Mother Mary, and Saint Germain. Their Ascension allowed them to move up the Spiral of Evolution and to continue the next phase of their evolutionary process. 

Now you and I are in the midst of our Ascension. The difference this time is that we are taking the Earth and ALL Life evolving on this Planet with us. We are not going to leave our physical bodies and Ascend after we have gone through the process we call death, as many people in the past have done. This time we are going to transform the elements of our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies from carbon-based planetary cells into 5th-Dimensional Crystalline-based Solar Light Cells. We are also going to transform the elements that comprise the physical, etheric, mental, and emotional strata in the bodies of Mother Earth into the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline-based Solar Light Cells associated with the New Earth. This will allow every particle and wave of precious Life energy evolving on this Planet to God Victoriously Ascend up the Spiral of Evolution and to become One with the New Earth as we embark on the next phase of our evolutionary process. What is vital for each and every one of us to comprehend is that our Ascension onto the New Earth cannot be accomplished without the cooperation and the assistance of the Elemental Kingdom.

 The Elemental Kingdom is also the Divine Intelligence that is invested with the responsibility of projecting the earth, air, fire, water, and ether elements into the thoughtforms and emotions Humanity is creating everyday through the use of our free will and our creative faculties of thought and feeling. Without the Elemental Kingdom manifesting our thoughts and feelings in the physical world of form, we would not be able to experience the results of what we are creating on Earth. By actually experiencing what we are creating with every thought, feeling, word, and action we are learning what is loving and what is not loving about our creations. Step by step, we are learning to become cocreators with our Father-Mother God and we are learning to fulfill our Divine Potential.

When we began our Earthly sojourn aeons ago, we were each assigned an Elemental Being who volunteered to remain with us throughout all of our Lifetimes. This Being is known as our Body Elemental. The purpose of this Divine Collaboration is for our Body Elemental to help us learn to become cocreators with our Father-Mother God by manifesting the thoughts and feelings we express everyday through our free will choices.

The original plan was for us to observe all of the patterns of perfection in the Causal Body of God, and then through our unique perception and our unique ways of thinking and feeling, we would create previously unknown expressions of Divinity. This would expand the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and teach us to be cocreators with our Father-Mother God. Unfortunately, when we fell into the paralyzing grip of separation and duality and developed our fear-based human egos everything changed. From that point on, instead of creating Heaven on Earth we used our free will and our thoughts and feelings to create all manner of pain and suffering. With that tragic occurrence, our Body Elemental and the Elemental Beings associated with the earth, air, fire, water, and ether elements were forced to create gross mutations not only in Humanity’s physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies, but throughout the Nature Kingdom and the Bodies of Mother Earth as well. These mutations have manifested, and are manifesting now, as every conceivable form of pain and suffering on this Planet. 

Now let’s fast forward to this Cosmic Moment. We are in the midst of Ascending into the infinite perfection of the 5th-Dimensional New Earth. However, the ONLY way we are going to successfully Ascend into the patterns of perfection for the New Earth, and to create the physical bodies of vibrant health, eternal youth, and radiant beauty that all of the prophecies have told us we will abide in on the New Earth, is for Humanity and our Body Elementals to heal the schism between us and to begin cooperating on a conscious level. The fastest and most effective way of doing that is for ALL of us to transcend our human egos, and to begin functioning from the level of Christ Consciousness associated with our I AM Presence. Due to the miracles that have taken place since the birth of the New Earth on December 21 - 22, 2012, that shift of consciousness has already begun and will be much easier than you might imagine. 

During the month of April 2014, we are receiving an unprecedented influx of Light that will assist us in accomplishing our goals in what will seem like miraculous ways. As you read the following words, KNOW that you are powerful beyond our knowing and that this month Humanity is being presented with a life-transforming opportunity.

Through the Activities of Light that have taken place so far in 2014, our pineal and pituitary glands have been activated to the highest frequency we have experienced since our fall from Grace aeons ago. This activation lifted Humanity into a higher state of Christ Consciousness and gave our I AM Presence direct access to the Divine Alchemy taking place within our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies. This Divine Alchemy is gradually transforming our carbon-based planetary cells into 5th-Dimensional Crystalline-based Solar Light Cells. This transformation is being accomplished through the intervention of our I AM Presence and our Body Elementals. That Activity of Light paved the way for an amazing event that took place with the influx of Light that occurred during the March Equinox. 

The Equinox reflects the moment on Earth when day and night are balanced. It also reflects the Cosmic Moment when the Inbreath and Outbreath of our Father-Mother God are brought into perfect balance. When the Equinox occurred on March 20-21, 2014, Humanity was vibrating at a level of Christ Consciousness that allowed our I AM Presence to breathe the Holy Breath of our Father-Mother God through our pineal and pituitary glands and into our right- and left-brain hemispheres. This influx of God’s Divine Breath brought our physical brain structures into a new level of balance.

Once that was accomplished, the Masculine and Feminine Polarities of God flowed through Humanity’s spinal columns recalibrating and strengthening our nervous systems. This process widened the shaft of Light that flows through our spines, our chakra systems, our acupuncture meridians and into every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of energy in our Earthly Bodies. 

With this event God Victoriously accomplished through the cooperation of every person’s I AM Presence and Body Elemental, Humanity can now withstand and assimilate higher frequencies of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light than ever before. This is greatly accelerating the Divine Alchemy of transforming our carbon-based planetary cells into Crystalline-based Solar Light Cells of infinite perfection. 

I know it is difficult to fathom the wonders that are unfolding on this Planet now that we have birthed the New Earth. This is especially true since we can still see the chaos surfacing from the old Earth to be healed and transmuted into Light. But I assure you, your I AM Presence and your Body Elemental are well aware of the miraculous shift into Christ Consciousness that is taking place within your heart and mind. This shift is playing a major part in healing the schism that our human egos caused with our Body Elementals.

Regardless of how aware or how oblivious a person may be of the miracles taking place on Earth, each and every one of us is moving forward into the frequencies of the New Earth. There is no turning back. Now Humanity, our Body Elementals, the Elemental Kingdom, and the Earth are in position to benefit in astounding ways from the influxes of Light we will be blessed with in April 2014.

Every year, following the March Equinox, the Resurrection Flame begins to bathe the Earth in its glorious Light. This is the Sacred Fire from the Heart of God that restores Life and awakens the sleeping Elemental Kingdom. Because of the changes that have already taken place in 2014, this Gift from our Father-Mother God will bless Humanity, our Body Elementals, and the Elemental Kingdom by lifting us up in more powerful ways than ever before.

April 14-15, 2014, we will experience the Passover Full Moon which is always the first Full Moon following the March Equinox. This year on the Passover Full Moon we will be blessed with a total Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses are celestial alignments that bathe the Earth and all her Life in frequencies of Light that greatly amplify whatever we are empowering with our thoughts, feelings, words, actions, beliefs, and memories. As long as we are focusing on what we want to create in our lives, and not the things we do not want, Eclipses are wonderful opportunities for growth and transformation. This Eclipse will be an exceptionally powerful time to release and let go of anything that no longer serves our highest good, and it will provide us with an amazing opportunity to empower the patterns of perfection for the New Earth, the Divine Alchemy taking place within our Earthly Bodies, and all of our hopes, dreams, visions, and heart desires.

On April 20th, billions people around the world will celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus the Christ. Easter is always the first Sunday following the first Full Moon after the March Equinox. Billions of people focusing their attention on the Resurrection of Jesus on Easter Morning will form a collective Cup of Humanity’s Consciousness. This Chalice of Light will provide an open portal through which the Light of God will flow to accelerate the return to Christ Consciousness which is unfolding within every person on Earth through the Divine Intervention of his or her I AM Presence. This is what Jesus meant by the 2nd Coming of the Christ.
Humanity’s return to Christ Consciousness is occurring regardless of a person’s religious affiliations or whether or not he or she even believes in God or the potential of a higher level of consciousness. This is happening through the I AM Presence of all of our sisters and brothers in the Family of Humanity because we are One and there is no separation.

“I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity. As I AM lifted up ALL Life is lifted up with me. And so it is.”

There seems to be a lot of discussion about whether Jesus was actually crucified and whether or not he was Resurrected. Jesus and the Company of Heaven have clearly stated that the crucifixion and the Resurrection were critical facets of Jesus’ Divine Mission and that indeed both events did occur. But unfortunately, as has occurred with most of Jesus’ teachings, the crucifixion and the Resurrection have been grossly misinterpreted. 

Jesus was not tortured and crucified because we are so evil and such worthless sinners and worms in the dust that he had to be brutalized in order to save us. Jesus agreed to go through that experience because he wanted to demonstrate in a profound and powerful way that there is nothing Humanity’s fear-based human egos can inflict on our Earthly Body that will destroy the Divine Presence abiding in that body.
During his Resurrection, Jesus transformed his carbon-based planetary body into the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline-based Solar Light Body he would need in order to Ascend into the timeless, spaceless frequencies of the 5th Dimension. When Mary Magdalene saw Jesus after his Resurrection he said to her, “Do not touch me, my body is not of this world.” Forty days later, Jesus Ascended into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Light and the next phase of his evolutionary process.

Jesus wanted to anchor an archetype and to model for Humanity the Divine Alchemy we would all go through in the Ascension process we are now experiencing as we move into the 5th-Dimensional New Earth. He also clearly demonstrated the Path of Divine Love that would lead to the return of Christ Consciousness Humanity is now in the process of accomplishing.

On Easter Morning, as the Resurrection Flame bathes the Earth in more Light than Humanity has previously been able to endure, every person and every particle and wave of Life on Earth will be Resurrected into higher frequencies of Light than we have experienced since we fell from Christ Consciousness into the fragmented consciousness of our human egos. This is a Cosmic Moment that we can all take advantage of by being aware of what is happening and by affirming the reality of the experience.
“I AM the Resurrection and the Life of Planet Earth and ALL her Life, now made manifest and sustained by God’s Divine Grace. And so it is.”

Following the Activity of Light that will bless all Life on Easter Morning, we will experience a very rare and a very powerful Cardinal Grand Cross Alignment that will catapult the Elemental Kingdom forward in the Light. This event will greatly accelerate the Divine Alchemy that is taking place within our Earthly Bodies and the Bodies of Mother Earth. It will also exponentially expand the Healing and the Forgiveness that is taking place between Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom. This enhanced Healing and Forgiveness will greatly empower Humanity’s ability to transcend the maladies our human egos miscreated on the old Earth.
The peak of the Cardinal Grand Cross Alignment will bathe the Earth April 22nd-23rd-24th, 2014. The Planets involved in this Grand Cross are Mars, Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter. These four Planets will form a Grand Cross by aligning at exactly 13 degrees in Aries which represents the Fire Element and Humanity’s mental body, Cancer which represents the Water Elemental and Humanity’s emotional body, Libra which represents the Air Element and Humanity’s etheric body, and Capricorn which represents the Earth Element and Humanity’s physical body. 

This will be an incredibly powerful time for all of us to focus on the Divine Alchemy that is taking place within our four Earthly Bodies as they are transformed from carbon-based cells into Crystalline-based Solar Light Cells. These are the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline-based Solar Light Bodies Jesus demonstrated for us when he was Resurrected. They are the bodies that will reflect the vibrant health, eternal youth, and infinite perfection we will all experience when our Ascension onto the New Earth is complete.

 The Elemental Kingdom and the Divine Alchemy In Our Earthly Bodies 

As you can see from the information that the Company of Heaven has shared with us, working on a conscious level with our Body Elementals and the Elemental Kingdom is the to KEY to a rapid Ascension process. It is ONLY through the conscious cooperation of Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom that we will Ascend into the patterns of perfection for the New Earth and our Crystalline Light Bodies of vibrant health, eternal youth, and infinite perfection.

For several decades, unprecedented outer-world Activities of Light have taken place that were specifically designed to awaken Humanity and to reacquaint us with the reality of the Elemental Kingdom, and how these Beings have selflessly served Humanity during our Earthly sojourn. A very long time ago, the Mighty Elohim and the Directors of the Elemental Kingdom asked if I would document these events, so that when we arrived at this Cosmic Moment in our Ascension process there would be a record of the Divine Intervention and the incredible service rendered to Humanity by the Elemental Kingdom. They said this documentation would be tangible evidence that would eliminate any doubt in the hearts and minds of Humanity that these Beings do in fact exist.

To assist all of us during this unprecedented time, I have gone through all of the life-transforming and enlightening information I have received and shared over the years that was given to me for the benefit of all Humanity by the Mighty Elohim and the Directors of the Elements.

I have edited this massive accumulation of Sacred Knowledge down to the very highest, the most timely, and the most vitally important information for this phase of our Ascension onto the New Earth.
In order to make these Celestial Sharings readily available to anyone who is interested, I recorded a set of 2 CDs containing as much of the information as possible. The CDs are titled Divine Alchemy.
We are offering the set of 2 CDs at a reduced rate, so they will be more accessible for you during the incredible influxes of Light we will experience in April and throughout the rest of 2014.
In addition to the important information designed to convince Humanity of the profound Truth that the Elemental Kingdom does indeed exist, the CDs contain powerful visualizations and tools that have been given to us by the Company of Heaven to help all of us accelerate the Divine Alchemy taking place within our Earthly Bodies at this time.

Anyone who is willing to invoke his or her I AM Presence and utilize the powerful tools of Divine Alchemy revealed on this set of 2 CDs will experience positive and amazing changes in their bodies and in their everyday life experiences. 

If you are interested in ordering the Divine Alchemy CDs please do so by going to our website. Just click on the link below and you will be taken directly to the Divine Alchemy CDs. They are available as physical CDs that will be mailed to you, or MP3s that you can download onto your computer or your electronic devices.

Disclaimer: there is no monetary or material gain for posting this information to the author of this blog.

to Love means to be yourSelf...

Love has to become your very quality, 
your very character, your very being, your radiance.
 Just as the sun radiates light not for anyone in particular,
 unaddressed, meditation radiates love unaddressed.
"Of course, first it is felt within oneself, for oneself, 
and then it starts radiating all around. Then you love
 not only human beings, you love trees, you love birds; you simply love, you are love
"You are asking, What does it mean to love myself?
"It means meditation.
"It means to be yourself.
"And nature will bring love as a reward.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Not the idea of silence, but silence itself. 
When the mind is in its natural state, it reverts to silence 
spontaneously after every experience, or, rather, 
every experience happens against the background of silence.
~ Nisargadatta Maharaj ~
You can talk with someone for years, everyday,
and still,
 it won't mean as much as what you can have
when you sit in front of someone,
not saying a word,
yet you feel that person with your heart,
you feel like you have known the person for forever....
connections are made with the heart,
 not the tongue.

~ C. JoyBell C.