Friday, May 29, 2015

out growing every story...

"We eventually outgrow everything – 
every story and self-description - 
 because as Life we are too big for any limiting costume. 
And it hurts 
 when we struggle to wear anything that is too small. 
Wear your clothes loosely... 
or even stand here naked 
as the unfathomableness 
that you are."
~ Ha Chi Ming


"Blue Lake, Landscape" 

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

omnipresent Life...

"When a person recognizes God as infinite, omnipresent Life and then realizes that all the evil that comes to his eyes and ears is only the projection of the belief in two powers and is not a person or a condition, his fears drop away. He becomes quiet inside, and in that stillness something takes place which cannot be described. He cannot see what it is, hear, taste, touch, or smell it. He merely knows that he is in a state of calm. That calm is the presence of the transcendental Something that dissolves the erroneous pictures. It does not heal disease: there is none. It does not reform sinners: there are none. It dissolves the belief in good and evil, and when that is dissolved the person is no longer seeing “through a glass darkly.”
He is seeing face to face. God governs, maintains, and sustains Its own creation. God is my life, my mind, my soul, and my being, and the only law operating in, through, and as my consciousness.
I need not fear what mortal man or carnal mind can do to me. I need not fear what infection or heredity can do. I need not fear any material or mental powers for the omnipresence of God is my robe. Into this, nothing can enter to destroy or disturb: no universal belief, no activity of the carnal mind, nothing of any nature that the world calls destructive. The omnipresence of God reveals the nothingness of the carnal mind, of all its activities and whatever its so-called history.
The carnal mind does not operate as a person or thing: it operates only as a belief in two powers. I do not accept that belief because I accept God as the one Power.
Did God make the carnal mind? No, the carnal mind and all its activities are nothing. They are this universal human mind arising out of the belief of good and evil, a belief which has no real existence. In reality, there is no mind to be called “carnal.”
Did God create any law, any being, any power, or anything anywhere any time that could destroy Its creation? No, the infinity of God eliminates all possibility of God ever having created anything destructive to Itself, and there is no other creator or creative principle."

~J. S. Goldsmith: 
Consciousness is What I Am. 
Contemplative Meditation Lifts Consciousness; 
Kindle location 1898-1918

Monday, May 11, 2015

who is responsible for our asleep awake states?...

 ~Ethan Nichtern
"Nobody is going to save you from your own mind. 
Nobody can get into the heart of your experience 
and fix anything for you. 
If you want to make your own internal experience more hospitable, 
only you can do that work. 
Others can always support and guide you and spark insights, 
but ultimately you are your own boss 
and the agent of understanding your mind 
and opening your heart."


"No one is responsible for your sleep . 
How can someone else be responsible for your awakening?"


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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

role playing at schizophrenia...



Schizophrenia runs in my mother's side of the family. 
This Campbell quote became obvious to me at some point in my early adult years. 
Also, I became aware that the woman who was playing the role of my mother
 was also just playing the role of being schizophrenic. 
Her spiritual self (which I saw in a daytime vision) was/is perfect Golden Light, 
and exquisitely loving, warm and beautiful.


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Sunday, May 3, 2015

jump into the ocean of your own being...

"You say the mind is blocking the Self.
Can the mind block the Self?
What watches blocked mind?
Is there anything that the mind is blocking that you need to see?
You are always reporting about what you are looking at, 
but the important things is: Where are you looking from?
And who are you looking as?
This is your moment to look from This as This itself."

The great Saint Frances of Assisi said:
"What we are looking for is where we are looking from."

Rumi also said: "I was knocking at a door. It opens.
I was knocking from inside."
"I am not here giving you 10 steps to follow.
I am pointing you to the stepless truth.
You must discover THAT inside yourself.
I point you to That, where you can never not be.
Something has brought you to this.
Here is your opportunity, an invitation
 to jump into in the ocean of your own being, 
which is here and now—your very Self.
Your part, our part from my view is to say inside your heart:
Yes, take me!
Yes, replace me with You. Merge my mind in You.
And this ‘You’ is who?
The Satguru within your own Self.
It is not a person. It is not an object.
Then you will know that this is your mighty existence!"
~ Mooji (via facebook)

by BrownBearStudio on etsy