Sunday, May 24, 2015

omnipresent Life...

"When a person recognizes God as infinite, omnipresent Life and then realizes that all the evil that comes to his eyes and ears is only the projection of the belief in two powers and is not a person or a condition, his fears drop away. He becomes quiet inside, and in that stillness something takes place which cannot be described. He cannot see what it is, hear, taste, touch, or smell it. He merely knows that he is in a state of calm. That calm is the presence of the transcendental Something that dissolves the erroneous pictures. It does not heal disease: there is none. It does not reform sinners: there are none. It dissolves the belief in good and evil, and when that is dissolved the person is no longer seeing “through a glass darkly.”
He is seeing face to face. God governs, maintains, and sustains Its own creation. God is my life, my mind, my soul, and my being, and the only law operating in, through, and as my consciousness.
I need not fear what mortal man or carnal mind can do to me. I need not fear what infection or heredity can do. I need not fear any material or mental powers for the omnipresence of God is my robe. Into this, nothing can enter to destroy or disturb: no universal belief, no activity of the carnal mind, nothing of any nature that the world calls destructive. The omnipresence of God reveals the nothingness of the carnal mind, of all its activities and whatever its so-called history.
The carnal mind does not operate as a person or thing: it operates only as a belief in two powers. I do not accept that belief because I accept God as the one Power.
Did God make the carnal mind? No, the carnal mind and all its activities are nothing. They are this universal human mind arising out of the belief of good and evil, a belief which has no real existence. In reality, there is no mind to be called “carnal.”
Did God create any law, any being, any power, or anything anywhere any time that could destroy Its creation? No, the infinity of God eliminates all possibility of God ever having created anything destructive to Itself, and there is no other creator or creative principle."

~J. S. Goldsmith: 
Consciousness is What I Am. 
Contemplative Meditation Lifts Consciousness; 
Kindle location 1898-1918

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