January 20,2017:

Well, it's about time to pay the property taxes, the home owners insurance bill is due, and my car insurance increased by 16% - I was told it went up 20% state wide. My car is desperately in need of a tune-up. And my ISP bill increased by almost $10. a month, without notice - just because "they" can. 

I grew up in a horse and buggy Mennonite community in Pa. The education level in the community is that of a sharecropper, for that was the only place to go in life. I did get a Ged, but it really is of not much use in this world. I used to want higher education, but became disillusioned with that. Some of the nicest people I meet are not highly educated. Nor do they live lives that would make headlines, and these days, that's probably a good thing, if you catch my drift. I am well read in the subjects that are near and dear to my heart.

Sewing is what I do. It's what I love to do. Growing plants and tending my tiny homestead in the city is what I love to do. Being peaceful is what I love to do. But, I need enough income so I can at the very least pay my regular bills, buy food for myself, and the two furkids that adopted me when they were kittens. I live as frugally as I can. It costs to live, or exist, which ever it may be. Sometimes it's more of one than the other. Please consider buying from my etsy store. Please recommend my store to your friends and acquaintances. I need the help of the community of people on this planet! Thank you so much in advance!

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