Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Master Zafuist

Vintage Fabric Lives On
 I received an interesting compliment on this custom made zafu cover...that of being a Master Zafu-ist! That is one of the exciting and interesting things about the Etsy marketplace. Through  the contact via my etsy store, someone from Minnesota sent a piece of vintage fabric to me in Florida. Now it's in the return mail, and will gracefully  "live" on as a beautiful zafu.

Extending Happiness and A Polyphemus Moth

Last week, one morning while on my walk I came across this moth, dead on the road. I just felt very strongly about bringing it home, and cradled it carefully in my cupped hands all the way back. I posted a picture of it to my facebook news. One person from the Carolina's told me what it is, and said that if her 6 year old son saw it he would love it because he doesn't have one that size for his collection yet.  Sooooo,  I offered it to her and she accepted. Just heard from her...the moth arrived via the postal system today, and is in great shape. Yes, mailing it was a that we chose to take, and now a young boy is going to be quite happy!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Puss in Boots

 What is there to say about a sweet little face like that? He is definitely workin' it....don't mind if he does!

Old Miakka Sunset October 2010

Old Miakka Sunset October 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vintage Riverbirds Fabric and Goodwill Hunting

Riverbirds Zabuton and Coordinating Zafus
One of my all time favorite activities to engage in is the adrenaline boosting "primitive hunt". You know... the kind where you go "Goodwill Hunting". Thrift stores are happy hunting grounds, too. Armed with just enough "ammunition" ( plastic will do too) you try to sneak up on the prey before another "crafty" hunter beats you to it! Sometimes, you act nonchalant - humming softly under your breath while casually pausing here and there to look at things you know you don't want. You don't want to seem over eager - but there are times when the spirit of the hunt simply  overcomes you. And you go with the flow.

All of the above fabrics came from my favorite hunting ground. I've been sitting on the Vintage Riverbirds fabric for some time now.  All of a sudden this morning, I realized how these different fabrics all coordinate with this interesting  birds print. Problem is, there is only one of the Riverbirds Zabutons...there was not enough fabric to make another two sided cushion. Enough for one more side, and a number of tote/book bags. Bittersweetly, you do the best you can.