Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vintage Riverbirds Fabric and Goodwill Hunting

Riverbirds Zabuton and Coordinating Zafus
One of my all time favorite activities to engage in is the adrenaline boosting "primitive hunt". You know... the kind where you go "Goodwill Hunting". Thrift stores are happy hunting grounds, too. Armed with just enough "ammunition" ( plastic will do too) you try to sneak up on the prey before another "crafty" hunter beats you to it! Sometimes, you act nonchalant - humming softly under your breath while casually pausing here and there to look at things you know you don't want. You don't want to seem over eager - but there are times when the spirit of the hunt simply  overcomes you. And you go with the flow.

All of the above fabrics came from my favorite hunting ground. I've been sitting on the Vintage Riverbirds fabric for some time now.  All of a sudden this morning, I realized how these different fabrics all coordinate with this interesting  birds print. Problem is, there is only one of the Riverbirds Zabutons...there was not enough fabric to make another two sided cushion. Enough for one more side, and a number of tote/book bags. Bittersweetly, you do the best you can.


Doris Sturm said...

Clever post, Sarah. I loved your description of your hunting methods and skills... you did well and those pillows are fantastic!

Enjoy your Autumn!

Sarah said...

Thanks, Doris!

Me and my Type O blood... & the excitement of the hunt!