Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cathedral Windows pillow top in the making

I had a request for 16 Cathedral Windows frames, and while in the mode I just kept on going. These are some of my favorite colors. There is not enough of any of the fabrics to make the back of the pillow, so will wait to see what comes to mind, although there are enough cut insets to make another top. And I plan to do that as soon as I finish enough frames. Last evening I made homemade pizza using biscuit dough for the pizza dough, pasta sauce with oregano flakes added for the topping, a combination of grated monterey jack with jalapeno peppers cheese and mozzarella cheese. Fred thought it was very good. With biscuit dough you almost need to eat it with a fork. This is something I used to make very frequently years ago. I may even have used ketchup for tomato sauce.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pillows Talk! ...and applebutter and biscuits

I like to see my pillows greeting me whenever I walk into my sewing room. They look cheerful! Yesterday I made some homemade applebutter using store bought unsweetened applesauce....just for old times sake! I enjoy the smell permeating the house while I'm sewing, or whatever. This morning I made biscuits. Ya' need something to put underneath the applebutter. :-)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trash to Treasure!

First, I wish to correct myself for misstating in my previous post where Fred's sons live. Dan is in St Louis ( the bellybutton area of the U.S.), and Mike is in Austin, Texas. This morning while out on my morning walk I came across a guitar in someone's trash. Looks like it dropped and came apart at the seams a little. It has an I Love Lucy sticker on it. Who would do that! Fred says we can play together and take our show on the road. That may take quite awhile...heh heh, pretty sure about that. :-) Maybe we'll freecycle it. Oh, yes! that is something else I like to share with people. Freecycle. Go to to find out what it is, and if your area has a group. Listed a book called Mr. Citizen, by none other than Harry S. Truman himself, onto my eclectic store. And finally got a sewing request finished and listed for icepurplepenguin. She wanted 16-4 inch Cathedral Window frames. I hadn't sewn for about a week. Golly! It can be a bit hard to get in the groove again. Literally had to take myself by the scruff of my neck and get on with it! It's overcast this morning and feels a little ominous. We are going to town today for lunch. Fred has an appointment, and I need to mail a bunch of packages.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Yes, I know. This pic was uploaded earlier.... but wait there's more! This is what we had for an early dinner. Fred's sons from Cinncinati and Phoenix called. Hope your day was a good one. I made a quick trip to town for some supplies for an idea whose time has come, and a few things at Walmart.

Friday, June 19, 2009

OOOH BABY!!! blog makeover!

UmmHmm! I'm starting to feel better about my little blog, now that I figured out how to add gadgets of my choice! Have a look. Oh, this IS fun!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dandelicious Pillow!

Pillows talk! I like this dandelion pillow. It was fun to make!

Sweet Springtime!

Just wanted to share a pic of one of my Cathedral Windows wallhangings!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

First Friday Art Walk on Etsy-July 3rd

The most exciting thing I want to mention in this post is the inititation of the first First Friday Art Walk on First Friday Art Walk will take place every first Friday of the month. And all the etsy stores are encouraged to participate in whatever way they are comfortable. And buyers are encouraged to participate in whatever way they are comfortable. :-) ....lots of beautiful things to purchase on etsy. I've been online a LOT the last few days promoting First Friday Art Walk on etsy to get it mobilized. Last Friday evening Mother's Musical Bakery had a concert for Hank Woji from Texas. His website is He's got several songs on there for a sample of his music. We're not getting rain on a daily basis anymore, but still every other day or so. Tomorrow the heat index is predicted to be 104 at 4:00 P.M. And it is only June!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Be a Fountain, not a drain"

"Be a fountain, not a drain." I came across this quote in an email this morning. As I gave it a little thought it occurred to me... the water has to go somewhere. In the shower, I'm actually very grateful for a drain. The fountain is good, the drain is good, the shower is good..."I am" the one who notices these little incidentals. I am neither the fountain nor the drain. Many people think not so well of turkey vultures...something we have in abundance here, it seems, because many armadillos don't make it across the road. Vultures are very good in the Sanitation Department as their digestive systems are designed to clean up the bacteria included in their diets. They usually clean up their plates quite well, I've noticed! By the time the food is processed it has become harmless compost. Oh! BTW...the reason armadillos frequently don't make it across the road is that when danger approaches they slow down and huddle inside. They haven't gotten the memo yet that would rewire their habits.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mr and Mrs George Washington candle set

This set of candles was discovered while on your typical treasure hunt. I actually bought the bag full of about 20 ordinary candles just for these two, and put the others back into circulation! Another rainy day today. I made a trip into town for zippers, and a few other things such as mailing a package of books and goodies to friends ( an elderly Indian chief and his wife) on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. I've begun making throw pillows, which is an interesting change of pace. Last evening I attended a Sewcial at Sew Worth It, one of the local privately owned fabric stores in town. Entering that fabric store is like letting my inner child loose in a candy store! I kept a tight rein on this wallet of mine, though. I was there to sit and stitch and socialize by golly, and that is what I did! Oh! and ate a slice of cheese spinach pizza and salad!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Traditional and/vs. Conventional

So I finally made something using Amy Butler fabric, which seems to be quite the rage with some people! I do like the outcome of these reversible Cathedral Windows placemats. The pattern is traditional and the fabric is conventional.
We had some more rain overnight. Happy about the amount of rain we're getting and it's arriving in a way that doesn't just run off on its own. Now, I'm in the process of making another evening clutch. This time it may have somewhat of a spring evening in the orient look to it...or not. Have to wait and see!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Evening Clutch

Here's another one of my creations, that I feel really goooood about! It's utilizing my trademark pattern the Cathedral Windows, and embellished with a former Peruvian necklace of gold coins. How 'bout dat! For a better look see

"Obama's Inspiration"

This Cathedral Windows Wall Quilt was inspired by the Obama family on Inauguration Day. Red for Courage and Strength, purple for Inspiration and Wisdom, and the edging is black and white for the ability to see with Clarity. The visual influence of the Cathedral Windows pattern has a calming effect. For more about this unique piece of quilted art see my store at The red fabric for this quilt came from my friend Valerie. So there, Valerie! Wanna buy it back?! Just kidding!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Zulu Women Wall Art

I just uploaded this Cathedral Window Wall Art to my etsy store this morning. The zulu fabric came from the store of from "across the pond" in England. Yesterday, I had an invitation to join friends at a local organic farm market, Jessica's Farm Market, for a potluck lunch, and talk by Peter Burkhard on the importance of organic farming, particularly in today's world. The lunch was quite the spread of wholesome food. I think my personal favorite was the vegan cornmeal, and runner up was a pureed sweet potato dish. I missed the pie for dessert...just came across an empty pie plate. Back to the speaker.... Peter is the unpretentious, unassuming author of the book titled The Real Dirt: An Organic Grower's Journey and the Values That Inspired It. I did buy a copy of the book signed by the author. ( ISBN 978-1-4389-4117-2) And then there was the not-to-be-missed fiddle and guitar duet by Bill the owner of Jessica's, and his sidekick (and occasional farm helper) Drew Hudson. I absolutely enjoyed walking down the many rows of varieties of healthy lettuce and greens, cruciferous plants, beans, cucumbers, etc. Good to see what the possibilities are here in Florida with the ultimate in growing conditions.