Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trash to Treasure!

First, I wish to correct myself for misstating in my previous post where Fred's sons live. Dan is in St Louis ( the bellybutton area of the U.S.), and Mike is in Austin, Texas. This morning while out on my morning walk I came across a guitar in someone's trash. Looks like it dropped and came apart at the seams a little. It has an I Love Lucy sticker on it. Who would do that! Fred says we can play together and take our show on the road. That may take quite awhile...heh heh, pretty sure about that. :-) Maybe we'll freecycle it. Oh, yes! that is something else I like to share with people. Freecycle. Go to freecycle.org to find out what it is, and if your area has a group. Listed a book called Mr. Citizen, by none other than Harry S. Truman himself, onto my eclectic store. And finally got a sewing request finished and listed for icepurplepenguin. She wanted 16-4 inch Cathedral Window frames. I hadn't sewn for about a week. Golly! It can be a bit hard to get in the groove again. Literally had to take myself by the scruff of my neck and get on with it! It's overcast this morning and feels a little ominous. We are going to town today for lunch. Fred has an appointment, and I need to mail a bunch of packages.

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