Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Be a Fountain, not a drain"

"Be a fountain, not a drain." I came across this quote in an email this morning. As I gave it a little thought it occurred to me... the water has to go somewhere. In the shower, I'm actually very grateful for a drain. The fountain is good, the drain is good, the shower is good..."I am" the one who notices these little incidentals. I am neither the fountain nor the drain. Many people think not so well of turkey vultures...something we have in abundance here, it seems, because many armadillos don't make it across the road. Vultures are very good in the Sanitation Department as their digestive systems are designed to clean up the bacteria included in their diets. They usually clean up their plates quite well, I've noticed! By the time the food is processed it has become harmless compost. Oh! BTW...the reason armadillos frequently don't make it across the road is that when danger approaches they slow down and huddle inside. They haven't gotten the memo yet that would rewire their habits.

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