Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cathedral Windows pillow top in the making

I had a request for 16 Cathedral Windows frames, and while in the mode I just kept on going. These are some of my favorite colors. There is not enough of any of the fabrics to make the back of the pillow, so will wait to see what comes to mind, although there are enough cut insets to make another top. And I plan to do that as soon as I finish enough frames. Last evening I made homemade pizza using biscuit dough for the pizza dough, pasta sauce with oregano flakes added for the topping, a combination of grated monterey jack with jalapeno peppers cheese and mozzarella cheese. Fred thought it was very good. With biscuit dough you almost need to eat it with a fork. This is something I used to make very frequently years ago. I may even have used ketchup for tomato sauce.

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Valerie said...

I like this aqua one. I've been tempted to buy some more of your frames, but I have enough UFOs right now.