Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Stay Connected to Big Heart

"Keep the little heart consciously connected
to Big Heart or the Source of Love Itself,
and you will never experience lack of Love...
no matter what seems to happen or seems to not happen."



Time to Integrate/Come Home via Crimson Circle

“You can stop trying so hard. You can stop being afraid. It’s all right there in you – not me, in you – the knowingness, the I Am. The knowingness it’s time to come home. Time to come home to the I Am, to the awareness. Time to integrate, just time to come home.

Isn’t it funny that you had the knowingness that it was time to come home to the I Am, but you got in a car and went off on a long journey. Oh, home was right there, absolutely right there. I guess that’s why I say it was just perfect, in a way. Exactly where you should be.

Eh, you kind of had to go through all of the trials and tribulations before you just wore yourself out and said, “Oh, here I am.” So you stop the searching. There should be a law against spiritual searching. There should be a law against laws, so …

Oh, spiritual searching, it’s an industry, you know. It’s a distraction. I guess it’s an experience. It’s frustrating, because it’s all right if you’re doing the spiritual searching and you’re aware that you’re just searching for the sake of searching. It gets a little sad when you’re doing the searching and you think it’s real and you think it’s actually going to get you somewhere.

No, home – home is calling you. Home is within. No place to go. No words to hide behind. Nothing to do. Nothing to fix. Just coming back home.

Without buts. Without the buts – “But what am I going to do when I walk out the door?” Not a damn thing. You can go about gossiping if you want, drinking, carousing, searching, thinking, battling. When you walk out that door today, you’re going to do it at least aware that you’re doing it, at least aware that you don’t need to do it, at least aware that it was that knowingness that called you, that’s still calling. It’s still there, and there’s not a damn thing you need to do. Nothing.

Take a good deep breath. Try to stay in your body.
Let go of some of that tension. Oh my, the tension about awakening and enlightenment. The stress. That’d be a good song – Stress of Enlightenment.

If I had told you, if Tobias had told you twelve years ago you don’t need to do anything, you would have still gone out searching. You’d have still gone broke, had health issues and all the rest of the stuff. So I guess you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be right now. Right now.

Home is calling all the time.”

The Discovery Series
SHOUD 3: “Discovery 3”
November 2, 2013