Saturday, November 27, 2010

Eric Dodge - A Christmas Wish

A Christmas Wish Album Cover
                      For more information about this Audio CD...   "A Christmas Wish" by Eric Dodge

Love...When You Give, You will Receive

I saw this on facebook and it is so good...and had to be shared. Make sure you visit Fly Lady's website!
by The FlyLady on Friday, November 26, 2010 at 3:09pm

Dear FlyLady,

I woke up this morning with a hole in the pit of my stomach and in my heart and everything seemed so negative. I wish I could say this was unusual but after a difficult childhood where I was only shown conditional love, it does happen pretty often. I have had some success in the past few months with changing my mood by concentrating on positive things and building myself up so decided to do this, as I did not want to stay in that horrible frame of mind! Now, this does require some work but it is very helpful.

I started by thinking about the things in my life I was grateful for and it did improve my mood a little but it was not enough. I asked myself what did I need to fill this hole in myself and the answer came back to me: 'Love'. I thought, well that's all very well, but I don't receive a huge amount of love in my life.. I am sure my husband loves me but he is not very good at showing it, so how was I supposed to fill myself with love? The answer came back to me: 'by giving love'. I kind of argued with this because how can you give something you don't feel or have? How can you give this away when your own cup is empty? I did not receive an answer to this question so decided to give it a go!

First of all I prayed for all the different people in my life and for the things I knew they needed such as: a new job, health, wisdom, peace and so on - I should say at this point that I don't follw any particular form of religion but find prayer to have a positive outcome. I then texted some friends and other people I know and wished them a good morning. This included wishing all the best to a friend's brother-in-law who is having an operation for cancer. You have to know that this is very unusual for me as I am not very sociable and do not usually initiate social contact.

And what do you know? I started feeling myself filling up with love and contentment! This was made even better when I started receiving replies to my texts... I was rather bemused by the whole thing and then suddenly realized the words of Eric Dodge's 'A Christmas Wish' were running through my head: 'Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me...!' I realized that this is what had happened - I wanted and needed love and instead of waiting to get - I gave it instead and as a result received it back threefold. What a wonderful thing! I feel like I've been hit over the head with a God-breeze and such a great one that I would like to pass it on... Best wishes and peace to all of you for this holiday season!!

FlyBaby B

FlyLady here; You are so right! It is up to us to get the ball rolling. If we want love we have to give it. It all starts with a phone call, text or simple little note dropped in the mail. You will receive what you give.

I am listening to Eric's Christmas Wish right now. I warms my heart. You can go listen to it too on our website.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Art can Save us from Freezing...

Excerpted from The Sprituality of Art  by Norman Fischer

"I'm in my car, on the highway. I turn off the news reports and the baseball game I've been listening to and switch to a Beethoven violin sonata that's loaded in the CD player. Listening to the music, my mind gradually starts to release, like a hand that had been grasping something tightly and is beginning to let go. Another mind appears, a mind completely engaged with the pattern the music weaves. A moment before, I'd been frozen into the shape of a self in a world. Now, the music has thawed me out.

The world and the self really do appear to us as frozen. Our personal problems, our self-definitions, what we hear from those around us—all these convincing and compelling experiences invite us to clutch at concepts, positions, worries. We naturally build vast structures of ice to hold in place the world and the self, chilly and confined. But the experience of art can shake us free of all that. Art can save us from freezing."
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Art Pic of the Day:

Cathedral Mountain - ORIGINAL Australia Landscape Painting

YenPaintings on Etsy

Original oil painting, listed and signed by artist. 2009.

Cathedral Mountain, Tasmania, Australia. This piece is one of 2 works on my hiking trip in Tasmania on the Overland Track (some say Underwater Track) with the imposing mountain aptly called Cathedral Mountain. The scene is from the hut that we stayed at that has the mountain has a magnificent backdrop.
Learn more about the work at yen's art blog:
Medium: Oil on Ready-to-Hang Canvas.Dimensions: 50 x 40cm or 19.75" x 15.75".


Thanksgiving Day Blessing

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Some things I am Thank-Full for....

Tiny Lemons - Original Oil Painting

Svitrolica on Etsy

Lemons - one of my favorite additions to green tea beverage, and salad dressings made with  mashed avocado, salt & pepper.

Dill Weed Seed Head - Print

88editions on Etsy

Dill -one of my favorite additions to tuna salads, and scrambled eggs.

Harvest - Still Life

LandscapesnWildlife on Etsy

Peppers -some of my favorite salad ingredients!
ACEO - Fall Original Watercolor

LindaLMartinArtist on Etsy

I love my abode in the country!