Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Some things I am Thank-Full for....

Tiny Lemons - Original Oil Painting

Svitrolica on Etsy

Lemons - one of my favorite additions to green tea beverage, and salad dressings made with  mashed avocado, salt & pepper.

Dill Weed Seed Head - Print

88editions on Etsy

Dill -one of my favorite additions to tuna salads, and scrambled eggs.

Harvest - Still Life

LandscapesnWildlife on Etsy

Peppers -some of my favorite salad ingredients!
ACEO - Fall Original Watercolor

LindaLMartinArtist on Etsy

I love my abode in the country!


I am thank-full for the opportunity to present some of the things I make by hand on the Etsy website for handmade items. I am thank-full for the AWEteam members whose support and comaraderie I enjoy most every day. I am thank-full for the company of my four cats and my significant other and a place to live in the country. I am thank-full for pumpkin pie and cool whip; and for a multicultural Chinese restaurant open on Thanksgiving Day! Hope they serve pizza...;-)

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Sassafras said...

I movede to France several years ago and miss Thanksgiving so much!! Thank you including my lemons on this wonderful holiday!! (: