Monday, June 1, 2009

Zulu Women Wall Art

I just uploaded this Cathedral Window Wall Art to my etsy store this morning. The zulu fabric came from the store of from "across the pond" in England. Yesterday, I had an invitation to join friends at a local organic farm market, Jessica's Farm Market, for a potluck lunch, and talk by Peter Burkhard on the importance of organic farming, particularly in today's world. The lunch was quite the spread of wholesome food. I think my personal favorite was the vegan cornmeal, and runner up was a pureed sweet potato dish. I missed the pie for dessert...just came across an empty pie plate. Back to the speaker.... Peter is the unpretentious, unassuming author of the book titled The Real Dirt: An Organic Grower's Journey and the Values That Inspired It. I did buy a copy of the book signed by the author. ( ISBN 978-1-4389-4117-2) And then there was the not-to-be-missed fiddle and guitar duet by Bill the owner of Jessica's, and his sidekick (and occasional farm helper) Drew Hudson. I absolutely enjoyed walking down the many rows of varieties of healthy lettuce and greens, cruciferous plants, beans, cucumbers, etc. Good to see what the possibilities are here in Florida with the ultimate in growing conditions.

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