Wednesday, April 30, 2014

the unchanging Seer...

You have to go beyond this identification with the body and with the person,
 otherwise, it is going to kill you. By this I mean, 
it will suffocate your spontaneity and clog up your pure intelligence.
Who, among us, is going to be the one to shake it off? 
And to what extent will you accomplish this?
It has got to be to such an extent that thereafter,
 it won’t matter where you go, only the scenes will change
 but you, the Seer, remain unchanging. 
You will stay untouched—not by effort, not by skill, not by yoga, not by meditation, 
but through perfect understanding of your true position 
confirmed, through grace, inside the Heart.
Grace must be there, 
but for grace to reveal herself,
 the hunger for truth, combined with humility, devotion and openness must come first.
Arrogance cannot be there.
 It can be there in the beginning, but not in the end. 
Arrogance cannot be there for it is the breath and odour of the devil.
It will be swept away by the power and light of Truth.
~ Mooji
April 2014

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