Thursday, May 1, 2014

you are Home...

Consider this NOW.
You are living in the 5th Dimension.
Not just waiting for some glorious Event.
You are living in the realm of unconditional Love. You are Home.
If you feel excitement then it is the potential you have for the creating of everything you ever dreamed of through the quantum shift you can now make (with ease) if you can conceive it.
And each day you wake you have reached into the highest vibration of Form and are expressing who you are through that special lens of your consciousness, of YOU.
And every thought now is creating the field, not just for yourself, but for everyone through your sharing, through the Unity Consciousness of the One Self we are all part of. An individual and unique expression of the OneSelf that is Source.
You are Whole and most Holy.
See like it, feel like it, live like it.
Shine on..
~ Nicky Hamid

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