Thursday, May 15, 2014

inter net freed om

Hi All
This is important.
Big corporations are planning on policing and controlling the internet and about to install laws that would allow this. This would be a terrible outcome for Freedom, and we have a chance to speak against this movement, but we have to act now.
The website AVAAZ are running a petition called 'Save the Internet'. I signed and shared this link one hour ago in a post below, and given there are 34,000 people on this page, the fact that my administration settings tell me it has only been seen by 11 of you(!) show me that the link I posted is obviously being monitored, and stopped from reaching wide numbers of people on Facebook. I am guessing this is the truth for all who are posting it.
Normally my statistics show that thousands see things within a first hour. And this is EXACTLY the kind of monitoring that will happen with all things that big corporations do not want us seeing/engaging with.
I have seen this happen before with a similar petition I posted, so as this cause is so important, please take a moment to go to, and where you see people's signatures in the scrolling box on the homepage, click on one where you see the term 'save the internet').
Thank you and I am hoping this post is seen by more of you than 11 people!
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