Friday, May 23, 2014

ego-mind fear of Awakening...

What is the ego-mind’s fear of awakening?

It is: Who wants a relationship with Miss Nobody? 
Who will employ Mr. No-Mind? 
What kind of future is there for one who is desireless?

But I am reminding you that all these are the ego's taboos,
 imaginings and attempts to distract you from your ever perfect nature.

In truth, your awakened life will be magnificent, 
harmonious, joyous and complete.

~ Mooji

May 2014

Years ago, the deacon of the church I was a member of at the time 
very pointedly told me that "becoming too spiritual is like putting too much fertilizer
 on your crops. He said you won't get a crop because it will burn the plants. 
Spiritual people are of no use to the world." Very unpleasant little man, in my recollection.

 Mooji? Now there's a man after my real Heart! 

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