Saturday, May 3, 2014

bliss - as Joy, or as Peace...

"Anand means bliss, salama means peace. 
Bliss can have two expressions: either it can be an ecstasy, overflowing, 
or it can be silence, peace, stillness. If bliss flows outward it is ecstatic. 
If it simply remains in then it is peace, and peace is a higher state than ecstasy. 
Even if one has attained to ecstatic joy, one has to go one step more, 
because one cannot remain in ecstasy forever; it tires.

All kinds of excitement are tiring; although this is spiritual excitement, 
still it tires. It can't become a permanent state; you cannot live in it forever - 
you will have to rest.

But one can be in peace forever, so that seems to be more natural. 
Sufis are ecstatic - they dance, they sing. 
Buddha sits silently. 
There is no visible dance, there is no visible song, but there is utter peace. 
Even dance has been transcended. 
Even song has disappeared into silence.

So the dance that dances not is the highest, 
and the song that remains silent is the greatest - that is the song of the songs. 
But one has to begin with ecstasy. 
The right procedure is to begin with great ecstasy - dance, song, expression - 
and then slowly slowly to let all disappear into bliss."


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