Wednesday, May 14, 2014

like Self-attainment only...

"To have no liking for anything other than the Self is the sign of Self-attainment. 
Meditation on anything other than the Self, is bondage. 
Always meditate on the "Divine Nature" of your Self. 
All other things are unreal. 
Any other concentration except on the Self, who is the Lord, is bondage. 
Any meditation or thinking except that which is on the very nature of your own being, 
becomes a tight binding. 
The "world" by its nature, is the separateness of species. 
It will never function smoothly.
 Any fruit except for the Self, is futile. 
Please think this over deeply. 
You are attracted to that which is objective because the ego sense never thinks
 of the true contentment which is found only in the Self. 
If one truly does something for their own welfare, 
the sense that "I am an individual" dies 
because that which exists afterwards is not the individual (Jiva). 
The individual turns towards sense objects, 
and in doing so, turns towards sorrow. 
The objects that appear to be pleasant are really unpleasant.
 The objects that appear attractive, are actually very destructive 
and give pain, yet the individual always runs after these objects. 
 Therefore, stop thinking about sense objects 
and turn to the Path of Devotion."
~Shri Siddharameshwar Maharaj,
'Master of Self-Realization'.

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