Thursday, May 8, 2014

knowledge vs. freedom inquiries...

What a relief to be empty!
Then God can live your life.

~ Rumi ~


"Seeker of Truth, if you should get the opportunity to meet an awakened Being and ask one question only, I would advise you to ask a freedom question and not merely a knowledge question. Knowledge questions are mostly asked from the position of a personal self and the answers tends to develop one's mind and often one's ego also; they rarely take you directly to the source.
A freedom question is fresh and risky, and the answer could, profoundly, change something today. It could completely reshape your perspective of life and who you take yourself to be as the one ‘living' it. The answer, received inside, could bring about a transformation from caterpillar to butterfly.
What could be a good example of a freedom question?
It could be:
"Without great pain or years of practice, is it possible to realise my eternal nature, and if it is, can you help me discover it today?"
If asked with a sincere wish to be liberated in this life-time, a freedom question will lead you to one whose light and presence will stir something deep inside your being.
They will not let your mind escape or waste time with any cleverness or distractions, but will steadily guide and walk with you till you are again absorbed in your true Heart - the Supreme Self."
~ Mooji
May 2014


"Investigate what the mind is and it will disappear,
There is no such thing as ‘mind’ apart from ‘thought.’
There is no use removing doubts.
If we clear one doubt another arises,
and there will be no end of doubts.
All doubts will cease only when the doubter and his source have been found.

Seek for the source of the doubter,
and you will find that he is really non-existent.
Doubter ceasing, doubts will cease."
~ Ramana Maharshi ~


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