Sunday, December 16, 2012

Connecting Threads, Freebies and Zafus

In the last few weeks I cut a lot of zafu covers, and am in the process of sewing some every day. As sewing goes it's pretty simple. I am using a lot of thread though, and it was time to buy more. My source usually is Connecting Threads online, and as luck would have it they are having a sale on the kind of thread I use. Usually, I buy the cones but since the smaller spools were on sale I pulled out my calculator and did the math. This time it paid me to buy the smaller spools x 3, which added up to over the $50.00 total for free shipping. Hopefully, my thread supply will hold out till the new shipment arrives during this busy Christmas season mail. I signed up for their weekly email, checked out their blog and saw a post about a making a clutch - something I have yearned to do but never realized there might be kits out there to help me get over the "it's too complicated" hump. And last but not least, I would definitely recommend that you take good look at their freebies section. And, tell your sewing friends!

Without further ado, here are pix of a few zafus that came into existence recently. Oh, shoot! The photos I was planning to use are stored on my laptop. My laptop and my computer aren't on speaking terms yet. Until I remedy that or sign out here and get online via the laptop here is the etsy store link for all my zafus. My favorite is the Cinnamon and Sage Mandala Zafu (made using pie-shaped wedges cut from reclaimed dust ruffles). I also love the Floral Cotton/Linen Zafu (vintage fabric), and the Mustard Yellow zafu (made from a Ralph Lauren duvet). A popular seller has also been Pillow Ticking Zafu, so I felt happy when I lucked out at the thrift store with two large pieces of ticking fabric! And, here's one for the guys made from a reclaimed army blanket.

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