Saturday, October 10, 2009

Definitely not twins!

Just finished these two pillows today. They are about as different as can be! The round grey zafu is usually used for sitting meditation. The one pictured is stuffed with lots and lots and lots of plastic grocery bags. It could also be filled with bamboo, cotton, buckwheat hulls, or kapok fiberfill. Plastic bags are, ahem, very inexpensive, and even eco friendly, in a way.
The vintage embroidered basket pillow fabric came from a treasure hunt. I washed it in 20 Mule Team borax soap and Oxyclean. (That mule kick is pretty impressive!) I'm pleased with the improvement. The fringe is also vintage and I used a vintage metal zipper hidden on the back. The fiberfill is a polyester form. My mother had things made with that basket pattern. Even Fred says the pattern looks familiar. When a guy says that then I guess it was pretty popular back in the day! It's part embroidery and part candlewicking.

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Valerie said...

Nice gray pillow. I never would have thought to use plastic bags for filler. Good idea.
I think I saw an embroidered basket like that at one or both of my grandmother's houses. As a dresser scarf.