Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Fabrication about Mother Nature and the Gulf Oil Crisis

Disclaimer: The following information was not channeled and is not to be taken seriously, by any means. It is merely another point of view that presented itself.

"When Mother Nature opened up her reserves of Black Gold, she never intended for one company alone to profit from all that wealth. (Who determined  the rightful ownership of the oil, anyway? It's like declaring Air, Inc. owns the air rights, and now you have to pay for breathing it, or else!) She meant it for the Commonwealth of All People. Ahem! That did not seem to be happening. Oh, well! On to Plan B, then. Mother Nature created a crisis. Yes, she deliberately created that explosion. What? You think she can't pull off shit like that! Look at her hurricane and tornadoes! Like the woman who told her children..." I brought you into this world, and I can take you out,  anytime." get the picture! Bam! All of a sudden, BP had a huge increase in payroll accounts. Yes, now she has newly employed many people in bookkeeping, the cleanup and research department, etc., etc. Not to mention all the people who lost their jobs, and are now on BP's "welfare plan". And, it seems to me  the extent of the amount of people whose livelihood is being adversely affected has not yet been realized. Looking at the devastation to our environment and the wildlife, spreading the wealth in this way wouldn't have been my choice. However, it may actually be happening. Mother Nature never singled out some elite individuals to hog her gifts, and perks thereof. Her gifts are free to all alike."

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