Friday, June 4, 2010

June is Birthday month for

Today is the first Friday of the month which means it's "First Friday Art walk on etsy" today! Incredibly enough, a year has already gone by since the first Friday Friday Art Walk on etsy began last June. If you love office chair shopping then etsy is definitely one heckuvan interesting place to spend time looking for unique, unusual, OOAK, artsy fartsy handmade items for yourself, friends or family members. Speaking of which, Father's Day is coming up real fast! Anyhoo, my own special for today is my entire zen cushion cover section is "buy two and get free shipping" (refunded via Paypal). This special price is for the continental USA only. And Etsy is celebrating their 5th year this June.  I think I heard birthday party but you may wish to check out etsy's blog page The Storque, for the details. May the blessings be, wherever  you are!


Doris Sturm said...

I'll check the Storque to see what's planned. Thanks, Sarah!

I want to introduce you to a fellow blogger whose philosophy of life seems to fit with your. She's a super lady and I think you would enjoy her; If you have a moment, at your leasure, take a look at this blog and see if you can find some similarities - a kindred spirit, perhaps?

Her name is Akasa (aka Phyllis) and this is her blog:

TGIF and happy weekend, my friend :-)
Doris and the gang!
hope the kitties are ok!

Anonymous said...

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