Monday, February 15, 2010

Cathedral Windows Wall Art Giveaway

To participate in this giveaway please just leave a comment for this post. Selection of the giveaway recipient will take place on February 21st in the evening, by choosing a name at random from the comments to this post. The name of this pattern is Cathedral Windows. It measures 13.5" wide and 13" high, is signed and dated by me, and has a channel on the back ready for hanging purposes.
The weather is coldish and brisk out this morning, and I am feeling very much like bundling up and getting out for a morning walk. We are seeing so many robins just in the last week! So all you northerners, take heart, because they are most surely heading up your way soon!


Doris Sturm said...

This is so lovely and very generous of you, Sarah. Thanks for letting me know. I'd like to be considered for the drawing please.

Also, you gave me an idea and I am having a small giveaway on my blog too for a Patriotic Rooster potholder. Why don't you go and enter too?

It's a drab and dreary (and rainy) day here, so it's the perfect day to stay inside and crochet. I love days like this!

Enjoy your day!
Doris :-)

Doris Sturm said...

Oh, so THAT's where all the Robins are...I've not seen very many this year and I miss them!

Cherold said...

You are great! This is sooo sweet of you and the piece is gorgeous!! I have just the place to hang

Susan said...

Dear Sarah, you have made such a beautiful piece, the colours are quite delightful and very generous of you to offer as a free gift.

Kind regards from across the seas - Perth Western Australia
Kind regards

Valerie said...

I love that floral border. Flowers are always pretty.

Sarah said...

Good morning and evening!

And Susan is the winner of this giveaway! It is being packaged, ready to ship today.

Another little quilt drawing is soon to be published.


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful Sarah!

Sarah said...

Thanks, whatshername! Maybe you can enter the next giveaway for a small quilt item!