Friday, March 5, 2010

Pink, Pink Makes the Boys Wink!

This king sized, unquilted Dresden Plate quilt top is going to be shipped to an acquaintance in Pennsylvania within the next few days. The plates and center circles are hand appliqued, and the rest is machine stitched. She is having it marked, hand quilted, and bound by the women in one of her local church groups. It's a gift for her daughter, who is also an acquaintance. After many years of making almost exclusively handstitched Cathedral Windows quilts and wallhangings, etc. I enjoyed making this top so much that I'm going to make a listing for custom Dresden Plate tops in . I have 3 extra patches left that I'm going to make into a tabletopper, hopefully soon. In other news, my almost grown black kitten, Precious, has since yesterday joined the huge ranks of emasculated males. He was groggy on the drive home, and kept falling over after I removed him from the carrier, but he was wired for action! Side effect of anesthesia, I'm assuming. He's fine today.


Sarah said...

Pink, pink makes the boys wink! That is something we used to say when I was a girl.

Anne said...

What a beautiful quilt! How long did it take you to piece it?

Sarah said...


The making of this particular quilt top is a long complicated story.

A number of years ago I made a huge amount of Dresden Plates patches for a certain potential market and when it fell through I was left with a LOT of patches on my hands. So, I donated many of them to my former quilt guild in Pa. My acquaintance wound up with 15 of them for her daughter. She just now decided to get that quilt done. I finished up 5 more patches and added borders.

Under normal circumstances I would give myself a time window of 2-4 weeks for assembling a top, assuming all other circumstances were favorable.

Thanks for the compliment! Sarah

Doris Sturm said...

This is absolutely beautiful, Sarah. I can't even imagine making something like this. It's awesome! and in my favorite color too ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Doris :-)

Valerie said...

Sarah also donated many of those Dresden plate patches to me. I made 5 quilts from them. One went to my daughter. Two were donated to a local ambulance corps. Mom bought one for her church raffle. And one was my first sale on Etsy.
Thanks, Sarah.