Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Wow! This was quite a bit of excitement and an adrenaline rush for me! I even briefly entertained the thought of possibly beginning a new vocation now that I'm 50 and probably halfway through my life. Or, at the very least, become an alligator catcher groupie!
The alligator measured 9 ft long, had a piece of tail missing and a hole in his snout from battles fought and won-I guess! The catchers told us there might be more on our property-we should keep our hands in our pockets! I was considerably concerned for my cats. They played a lot in that part of the pasture. Hummingbirds, large spiders, snakes, deer, and alligators...And that is life in Old Miakka!


AkasaWolfSong said...

Wow Sarah! Do be careful, please? I'd be scared, lol!

Well, at least I have a healthy fear...not one to just walk up on one and think, Oh! Hello! An alligator whisperer?

So where do they take the alligators they catch? I hope they relocate them and not kill them. I too would be concerned for my pets.

Many Blessings...

Sarah said...

Yes, I'm very careful since I moved to Florida. There are so many very scary and highly dangerous things here in Mother Nature. We also have bobcats and panthers, and bright shiny orange and very, very poisonous little snakes.

I live with Fred, my fiance, who owns the place. He called the alligator catchers. No, unfortunately these alligators are not relocated.

Valerie said...

Why don't you make a quilt with an alligator on it instead?