Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rag Rugs, Cats and Creature Comforts

Lucky and Smoky
 Today my brand new Rag Rug arrived in the mail and I laid it out on the kitchen table to enjoy it's beauty before placing it in the upstairs bathroom. What followed was certainly very predictable! As cats go though, they will use it for several days and then move on to another favorite spot. I can wait. And if you should happen to be in the market for a rag rug for yourself or as a hostess gift then you will definitely want to check out my source in the the Rag Rug section of  PonderosaQuilter's etsy store. Her rugs are eco-friendly; she has quality products and good workmanship. Enough said! Check it out for yourself. You'll be glad you did!

Brand New Rag Rug


Mich said...

What a great pic, Sarah! Furbabies have to test all the new goodies!
And, I can attest to PonderosaQuilter's workmanship! I have one of her bags and absolultely love it,and am trying to get together to get my other two! Even professionals don't sew as well as she does...all the seams are nice, and neat, and hidden!

Valerie said...

My own cats have loved to try out my rugs, also. But as you say, only for a few days. They seem to prefer sleeping around.
Thanks for all the compliments.
But, I must say, regarding Mich's comment, not all my bags have hidden seams. Depends on the style. But they are all strong.

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Aww, aren't kitties the sweetest! They love their rugs for sure. And yours is a beauty!