Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My First Cathedral Windows Ring Bearer Pillow

I've been making all kinds, sizes, and color combinations of Cathedral Windows for about 11 years now and this is my first attempt at a Ring Bearer Pillow. Most of my Cathedral Windows are made with 95% handstitching as is this pillow. I have done some that are machine stitched and find that I much prefer the look and feel of handstitching. For the very center of the yo yo I used a hot pink button that was the extra button in a crocheted sweater I owned years ago....just came across it in a drawer this week and thought it might be time to use it for something, and it was!
Ring Bearer Pillow

In the Palm of my Hand


Valerie said...

So cute!
One of these days I must make more CWs also.

Sarah said...

I caught the bug again after taking some time to do other sewing.