Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Curbside to Salesroom

Thank you neightbor  G---e., for tossing 3 yards of perfectly useable, light blue, heavy weight denim fabric onto your curb. People like me LOVE finding things people like you kick to the curb! I do feel bad about the "treasures" scavengers miss that end up in the landfill. So much trash - so little time! The pocket fabric came from a quilt guild member's destash pile. Perfect compliment for light blue denim. And I did make 12  tote bags from these two pieces of fabric. With sturdy cotton webbing straps these tote bags are designed for rugged use, and will definitely wear a long time. And there is some fabric leftover that will be made into a  small-ish handbag...with a hippie-chick type of teenage girl in mind. Nobody particular in mind...but stay tuned for coming attractions! :-)
Denim Tote Bag

Front Porch View

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Valerie said...

Isn't it so much fun to find treasures in the trash. Some of my own discards have disappeared that way.