Thursday, May 26, 2011

When Sloppy Housekeeping Turns Deadly! Yikes!

I have been looking at this spider web daily. In fact, every time I do anything at the kitchen sink I see this web! And, every day I notice that I have been looking at this web. I have seen how one part of me thinks this is very sloppy housekeeping. And, another part of me thinks this is a part of the bigger picture of life. How balance happens as things keep each other in check.
Spider Engages Wasp
Personally, I don't like wasps. I was afraid of them when I was very young. It always seemed to me that they were strategizing on how they could sting me. Or, maybe just keep me in suspense that they would. I could see it in the way their eyes followed my every move, and the way they bombed me without any warning. I don't care for spiders much either. But today, as I see how this spider is slowly but surely wrangling this wasp to its death, I feel vindicated. Well, sortof...I mean, for all the times I've been stung by wasps. And maybe I can sortof justify my lack of housekeeping, because we don't like the wasps flying around in the house. Ya' think?

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Valerie said...

I agree. Keep the spider web if it helps kill wasps. I hate wasps and hornets. They're a big problem at my house.