Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rocky Mountain size Floral Pancakes

Yesterday I finally cut the floral piece of fabric I've been mooning over for months - thought I had enough to make 4 zippered zafu covers. Not so fast! Turns out there was enough for the eight circles, but not enough for the sides, which incidentally I did not notice till this morning. (continued at bottom)

Pair of Round  Floral  Pillows

Another View there will be two zafu covers, and these two (Rocky Mountain size) floral pancakes.

The "Rocky Mountain size" thing...I thought you'd wonder. Years ago my parents went on a cross country trip to Colorado with my Mom's sister and her husband. One thing I remember they said was that the further west they travelled the larger the breakfast pancakes were.


Valerie said...

That sounds like how some of my quilt-making goes. I do some figuring on how much fabric is needed, start sewing, then find out my figuring was way off.
Pretty fabric.

That Gypsy Lady said...

Floral pancakes are the best kind, and much healthier for you. :)