Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jade and Cream Floral Tapestry Laptop Notebook Bag

Something I've been wanting to try making ever since I got a laptop of my own is a laptop bag or sleeve. This is the result....after making a simple, more basic version/prototype. It has an exterior zippered pocket that accomodates the power cords; it's lined - with an interior pocket. It sports a vintage button and loop closure, and over the shoulder carrying straps of cotton webbing.

Jade and Cream Tapestry Laptop Bag

Fits my Compaq Notebook and Power Cords
Matching Zipper Pouch and Credit Card Purse
Zipper Pouch fits into Interior Laptop Bag Pocket. Purse fits into the Pouch
Like Russian dolls one thing fits into the other. I am actually quite pleased with the result of my venture into laptop bag making! I hope the set will find a great owner in the very near future. Available in the laptop section of . Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, and if you know of someone who is looking for a beautiful laptop/notebook bag please consider recommending this bag! Thank you!


DJ of One Heart said...

Sarah, you have outdone yourself. Great fabric and design. The set is fabulous!

Sarah said...

Thank you for your encouraging words! I'm appreciative.

AkasaWolfSong said...

I'll keep my ears open for anyone looking for a laptop bag Sarah.

This is gorgeous...

If I had a laptop I'd be so inclined to order one! :)

Breathe Peace Sister!

Sarah said...

Thank you AkasaWolfSong!

I'm going to make another set soon so I won't be tempted to keep this one. :-)Hopefully, I'll be lucky enough to find another remnant of fabric similar to this tapestry.

Valerie said...

Nice job. A lot of skill went into that.

Sarah said...

Thanks, Valerie! It takes one to know the saying goes!

Anonymous said...

I love the color of the fabric. But then I am partial to green. It is so feminine compared what is usually out there.

Sarah said...

Thanks, Ruth! Yes, it is feminine compared to most of what's available.