Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Eye Popping Zafu in Hot Pink!

Now this is "Reese Witherspoon" pink! You know...the movie where she had "all things pink" while studying law.
Zafu Meditation Cushion Cover in Pink
Spiral Quilted on Both Sides
My Lucky made it into this photo.
Espresso Zafu and Lucky dosing
Burgundy and Teal Floral Zabuton
Lucky, he wasn't saying Ha Ha!
Espresso Zafu and Floral Zabuton Combo
P.S.... "Legally Blond" is the title of the movie referenced above....


Valerie said...

I love that hot pink.
Lucky looks totally bored with the photo shoot.

AkasaWolfSong said...

Lucky looks like my daughter's cat!

I think the movie Reese Witherspoon is in, is Pretty in Pink? Love that movie by the way, lol.

I love that color of pink too and the spiral is too cool!

Sarah said...

Thanks Valerie and Akasa!

Pretty in Pink? Probably.

I love making the spiral zafus...the sewing part is hypnotic!

Sarah said...

"Legally Blond" is the title of the movie I referenced...