Saturday, August 16, 2014

inattention v.s. attention...

"Inattention is rampant in almost every area of life.
 Many of us move through our lives so quickly and carelessly 
that any real connection 
 with ourselves, our friends, our families, and our environments is next to impossible. 
What's more, 
our inattention often causes problems not only for ourselves but also for others.
For anyone wishing to live a more intelligent, conscious, or spiritual life, 
the study of attention is paramount. 
Our attention is what connects us with the world in and around us.
 Without it, we are simply sleep walkers, 
experiencing little more than tiny fragments of ourselves and others.
If you're interested in studying your attention more deeply, 
try slowing down just enough to pay attention to what you're doing,
 as well as yourself doing it. 
 See if you can hold yourself to a higher standard of attention."
see the Light...everywhere

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