Friday, October 17, 2014

invitation to the bonfire...

Everybody is invited to this bon fire.
Throw all your questions.
Throw all the answers as well.
Throw all your cares.
Have that much courage.
Say I have no time for answers anymore.
Put everything into this fire.
And do it now also.
This is the instant way.
Throw everything now.
No practice,
No philosophy.
But who can do it, you see?
Be willing to be completely empty.
Don't even be a woman.
Don't be a seeker.
Don't be anything.
Don't say any more prayers.
Don't chant any more mantras.
Don't go on any more pilgrimages.
Leave everything, 
because up till now even your seeking is an avoidance, 
another excuse of your mind not to discover the ever-present truth.
Our minds want to say a lot about truth.
But nothing it says is true.
You are here before the mind.
You know it's ways.
This is why I say
throw everything in the fire right now.
It seems very drastic, my words,
but they are totally powerful.
Why keep walking around with the mind on your back?
Put him down and walk away free.
~ Mooji


Beach Chairs and Firepit - 

8x12 Fine Art Photographic Print

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Barbara Gordon said...

So beautiful! Thank you for including my photo in this lovely blog post! xox

Sarah Nolt said...

Thank you and you're welcome, Barbara!