Wednesday, January 7, 2015

just in time...rhythm and grace...impeccable timing...


Last evening I was out by the road cutting up the last three sections of the tree trunk 
with my pruning saw. The neighbor biked past on her way home from work
 and then a bit later came over asking if I wore glasses? 
I got up and said I wear cheater glasses, which for some reason I had on me.
 She then offered me a pair of lanyards as a gift. 
I accepted, and just then the lanyard wire of the pair I had on broke,
and all the seed beads fell to the ground. The new pair are perfect for the glasses.
 Just a little thing, but Oh the impeccable timing of serendipitous synchronicities! 
Thank you, Universe! 
~Sarah spelled with an h


Rhythm and Grace

Original watercolor Zen bamboo wash painting

available by BeccasPlace on etsy 


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