Thursday, November 26, 2015

You ARE the pristine unencumbered aware borderless space...


"Nothing ever happens to you, nothing ever happens to consciousness. 
Nothing ever happens to what you truly are.
Happenings are dream impressions that are meant 
to amuse you and not to scare the living wits out of you. 
As soon as you believe that you are a happening event, 
a mortal body mind, the negative emotions get triggered 
and you dream unhappy dreams.
You are the pristine unencumbered aware borderless space
 that is untouched and unmoved by any dream.
There is no need to buy into the belief 
in the mortality of consciousness.
How could the unborn ever die?
Ponder what you truly are!
The reality and borderless universality of consciousness is your reality
and the reality of all dream impressions."

Magdi Badawy
 Starfish Zafu

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