Sunday, December 13, 2015

hu-man wasn't born to cry...

 J. S. Goldsmith: 
Man Was Not Born to Cry; 
Hand Painted Peace on Earth Stone
Releasing the “Imprisoned Splendour”; 
Kindle location 3232-3260

"Peace is locked up in you and in me, and we must release the Prince of Peace from within us, and then let it do its work in the consciousness of all those who at this moment may be ready and receptive for the experience. This is not done by moralizing to the world or by asking the world to be better than it is, or is capable of being. It is done individually by releasing that Prince of Peace within ourselves, by communing with the spirit within, and then, as it escapes, letting it go before us to do its work. We are not called upon to go out into the world-only to release the spirit of Christ into the world."

"There is no spiritual value in all the thousands of words that we utter. There is no spiritual or moral value in all the hundreds of lessons we teach or preach. The grace of God does not reach human consciousness by moralizing. What we must do is to retire to our homes, to our temples, to our hills and valleys, and there find the peace hidden within. We must become centers through which the grace of God can escape, and then that invisible presence goes before us to make the crooked places straight and to prepare mansions for us. Our greatest value to the world lies in our periods of silence, secrecy, and sacredness.
Every time that we see a person and realize that this grace of God is within him, we become a light unto the world–without voicing it, speaking, uttering, or writing it, but merely by looking on an individual and realizing that there, too, is the grace of God, there, too, is the Son of God. This is releasing the “imprisoned splendour”; this is the recognition of the indwelling Christ in friend and foe–not the recognition of a human being walking the earth, but a recognition of the seed planted in the midst of him.
This seed that lies buried within us will remain a seed forever until it receives its nourishment, and that spiritual nourishment so necessary is the recognition of the true identity of the individual:
'Within individual man is the Son of God, that I that he is. Within him is the divine presence and the divine power, the grace of God. I within him, is the food, the sunshine, and the rain to that seed.'
Then the seed begins to sprout, and the nature of our friends, relatives, and business associates changes before our very eyes without their even knowing why. There may develop in them a search for God, a seeking for reality, until a message or messenger reveals that it is not necessary to seek further because it is within. That which we are seeking is the divine reality of us, the Son of God in us, the Holy Grail within our own consciousness.
All the sacredness of the Son of God is established at the center of our being–the eternality, the immortality, the infinite nature of God’s being–because we are one with the Father, and all that the Father has is already ours: his wisdom, his mind, his glory, his grace, his presence, his substance, his being. The very breath of his life is the breath of our life, for we are one, and in that oneness we find our allness and our oneness with all mankind. Only in our oneness with God are we at-one with every spiritual light who has ever trod the globe–past, present, and future.
Christmas reveals that God has planted his Son in us."
J. S. Goldsmith: Man Was Not Born to Cry; Releasing the “Imprisoned Splendour”; Kindle location 3232-3260

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